In a fitting image for a pope inspired by the patron saint of animals, Francis bent down to caress the dog.

It's a Lab Thing Pope Francis Blesses Labrador Guide Dog

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He said, ‘and a special blessing for you dog too.’ He broke the ceremonial rules as my presence on stage with Asià wasn’t previously arranged,” Forlani said.


It's a Lab Thing Pope Francis Blesses Labrador Guide Dog 1

A yellow Labrador Retriever was among the firsts privileged to receive a physical blessing from Pope Francis’s hands this weekend.

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Images: Asià, the yellow Labrador guide dog (top) and receiving a blessing from Pope Francis. Credit: Rossella Lorenzi

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20 Responses

  1. Buffy Brown on Facebook

    Not catholic, not even religious but just maybe the Catholic Church has a leader who is interested in using the leadership for good and not for bolstering up a corrupt group of self centred people. like the way he seems to be bucking the trend, hope he doesn’t get suppressed.

  2. David Villarreal on Facebook

    As a former Catholic who worked for the church for 15+ years, I’m glad he likes labs, but what will impress me more is if he exposes and turns in the countless number of priests who have sexually abused children to be prosecuted by the law. I am adovacte for labs and children! I have no problem with what consenting adults do, but find it rather hypocritical when the Church stands against homosexuality and 80-90% of priests are either gay or pedophioles. In my opinion dogs are a far better way to know the ways of God than men…