Thank You Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors001 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors002 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors005 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors012 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors006 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors004 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors003 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors014 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors010 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors015 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors011 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors009 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors013 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors008 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Veterans-Day-Labradors007

10 Responses

  1. sandy diamond

    What powerful but beautiful images. Salute to all this veteran’s day, capturing images like this just demonstrates the bond between humans and dogs . Well done

  2. Paula McGuffin

    what powerful and yet beautiful pictures ………Salute to all this Veteran’s day!
    thank you : )

  3. Carol Suda

    God bless you all. Humans&dogs. I wish we at home could do more to help you. I hope that you all realize how helpless we feel. Are hearts are with you at all times. Carol