Our Story

It’s a Lab Thing” (ILT) was created for one reason and one reason only:  to create a special place for all of us who are absolutely in Love with Labradors. This is a place to come to and do what we LOVE to do the most… talk, share and discuss Labs (Labrador Retrievers) to the layman.  “It’s a Lab Thing” is a site full of fun as well as factual general information pertaining to Labrador Retrievers. I am not an expert by any means, and I do not claim to be. What I am is a professional Lab Lover.

“It’s a Lab Thing” is here so that YOU can enjoy stories, videos, discussions, products and just about anything else that has to do with Labradors. So get involved and share the Lab love.

It’s a Lab Thing offers a full experience of that which we love the most… Labrador Retrievers. It’s a Lab Thing is an uplifting social site for people who love Labs and everything about them.

Brief History

My obsession began when my wife and I visited some good friends of ours in South Carolina. Upon arriving at the house we were greeted by the friendliest, goofiest dog ever – a Labrador named Garth. A long story short, after a weekend with our friends and Garth we were hooked. The wife and I had to have a Lab!

After months of research and reading several books on Labradors, we decided that we were ready to take on the responsibility of a Lab puppy. In came Brody, our sweet, sweet puppy. Who would have thought he would have had the impact he did on our lives? Wow, we were in LOVE! I think as Lab parents we all experience that. Now, I don’t have to tell you why God made Labrador puppies so darn cute. But if you’ve never been a parent to one, well they are just the most fun loving, mischievous, furry, little people with which you will ever come into contact with. They are SUPER cute.

Our love grew and grew and we often wondered if we should get Brody a playmate. After all, our cat Savannah was not cutting it. We had been following a Labrador Rescue here in Georgia called Labrador Friends of the South and we just loved how involved they were as a rescue for Labradors. As a web designer, I reached out to LFS to see about building them a website that was fitting and to donate my time for the love of Labs. Little did I know that it would grow into an all hands-on experience.  Posting Lab rescues all day long started to embed the rescue experience inside of me.  Then came fostering (which was cleverly orchestrated by some of the LFS staff) which in turn led to our foster flunkie, Saban.

The rest is history and I guess I just fell into doing something I loved by creating a place for people like me to enjoy Labradors. I hope you enjoy the site and if there is ever anything you would like to see on it, please feel free to drop me a note.


Saban’s (blue bandana) Adoption Day

Our Fosters