Why Advertise with It’s A Lab Thing?

It’s a Lab Thing® blog and website ( is a highly targeted global resource and social community for passionate lovers of the Labrador Retriever, the #1 dog breed in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.  To illustrate this, after starting It’s A Lab Thing® on Facebook in June 2012, our current number of fans is well over 260,000, and growing every day!

Who is the It’s A Lab Thing Reader?

The It’s A Lab Thing reader is not your Average Dog Lover.  Our loyal followers see their Labrador Retrievers as an extremely important part of their family.   They believe in providing the best for their dog children from health and dietary needs to finding the newest and best grooming products to safe “Lab Friendly” toys and they are willing to do the necessary research to find it before they purchase.  Our readers can and do trust that we will not promote any business or service that we do not personally believe in or have personally used with our own Lab children.  Research has shown that a user review of a product or service from a friend or a respected peer is 90% more effective than standard advertising methods.    Become a sponsor and you will become a partner of It’s a Lab Thing which means being promoted through a New Sponsor Blog Post which will be on the front page of our blog and promoted to our thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter Followers!  Need more proof?

PR Firms know where to go for the best exposure:

“Thank you for your review of Zututh! The owner said it’s been the most successful mention in terms of sales ever, which is huge to a brand new, growing company. Thanks!” – Kerry Sutherland of Kerry Sutherland PR

Read what one small business owner had to say when we did a simple, but effective review of her product, Soggy Doggy Doormat and Super Shammy:

“Hi It’s a Lab Thing-

“I just wanted to say thank you again for running your Soggy Doggy review on your site. I cannot tell you how much traffic we’ve had as a result! And from all around the world! You really have a global following! We’ve had quite a few sales from the Uk and Australia too!” – Joanna, Top Dog @ Soggy Doggy

Photographers are Pawing their way to be Featured in It’s a Lab Thing:

“I am so proud to be associated with Its a Lab, as a professional Dog Photographer and the owner of three Labradors myself, the website is not only a joy to view and read from the point of view of somebody passionate about the breed, but what has amazed me and overwhelmed me is the incredible response I have had after my photographs were posted on Its a Lab  I have never had such a response on any website and its had a huge positive effect on my business which i am very grateful for. If your business is linked with dogs and in particular Labradors, i would recommend that you make sure that your company is advertised on Its a Lab as soon as possible.” – Andy Biggar Photography

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