Labrador Birthday

It’s a Lab Thing LABfan’s Final Birthday Tribute

In beloved memory of our Asky who died on 8 March 2013 but who still had a great 12th Birthday!

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  1. David Baldwin

    This brought tears to my eyes as it brought back memories of the birthdays I celebrated with the two senior labs who moved on the last few months. We need to remember all those happy, joyous moments our digs give us. RIP Asky…it looks like you had a great life.

  2. Yolanda Jones

    Just watching my 3yo black lab snoozing happily and thinking of how much he means to me – just read this post and it brought a massive lump to my throat. RIP dear Asky. Xxx

  3. Hutch W Lee

    Ahhh such a sweetie. Up in lab heaven now swimming with buddies! My yellow lab died 2 days before his 12th birthday. Great dogs.

  4. Susan Ryan

    So sorry for your loss of this special family member. We lost our labby girl 6 months ago at 15 and I still think of her every day and miss her lots. The memories live on and make it easier…. with time.

  5. Viviane Adams

    Thank you so much for all your sweet words. Hutch’s comment that he is now up in Lab heaven swimming with buddies brought a big smile onto my face as Asky never ever missed a puddle of water especially not those filled with mud :-))) God we miss him so badly! It’s also so hard on our other dog “Lugh”, a 4-year-old Bearded Collie who grew up with Asky. They both were best friends and Asky was always the “big brother” who looked after the little one (with an awful lot of patience)! R.I.P. Asky, our beloved big boy and next time when it rains I imagine that you just jumped into a puddle up there and that the splashes hit us down here.

  6. Ashley

    That is so beautiful, I have the best photo from one of my old boy’s birthdays. He always gets and ice cream in a cone! Unfortunately he won’t have too many more birthdays, but it’s best to remember the good ones. RIP to your big boy!

  7. kawaljit virk

    I am so sorry. RIP Asky you are missed ….