Babies and Labradors

Babies tug and pull, ride and lay all about, crawling on top and over and the Labrador Retriever shows why they are the best family dog.

4 Responses

  1. Marjorie Cox Fabian

    My first Lab was a big black one…gentle in his ways, but also stood fast and strong when needed. I cared for a little neighbor boy that loved to lay by Lobo, pull up his lip and check out his “big teeth”, check out his soft ears and lay his head on Lobo’s strong body. But the boys mother did NOT like dogs and one day had some nasty words for Lobo. Lobo “tolerated” her because she brought his buddy to the house, but otherwise had little use for her.
    Dogs know so well when they are loved…and when they are NOT!

  2. Barbara Smith

    Why do people think this is cute and endearing? That is an old dog, and most likely in some pain. Even if it was a “young sleepy” Lab, letting a young child handle a dog’s face like this is ridiculous. I love Labs, and am on my second one after the first died at almost 15. But ANY dog is going to have potential for snapping and defending itself if probed and annoyed by ANY small creature. You aren’t being fair to this dog and possibly endangering the child. A friend’s four-year-old did something similar to a loveable Lab and the dog was startled, bit the child in the face, with the wound requiring several stitches. I do not blame the dog. This is just stupid and posting things like this online as “cute” demonstrates that you don’t fully understand dog behavior (and unpredictable movements of small children).