Brody and Saban got to have some fun at the lake with their pals Ackley and Louie this past weekend. You can never go wrong with the lake and Labs. There was a pig roast and you know the dogs never were too far off. Summer Fun!!

4th of July - Neary-19

Saban is tired before the party even gets started…

4th of July - Neary-26

Louie’s Party

Louie is a Labrador and Shepard mix, his personality is all Lab!! It was Louie’s lake party and we were all invited.

4th of July - Neary-28 4th of July - Neary-29 4th of July - Neary-32 4th of July - Neary-84 4th of July - Neary-88 4th of July - Neary-107 4th of July - Neary-133

It’s All About the Love

Miss Ackley getting some Love from her mom and dad. Saban and Brody getting some love from the kiddos… always their favorite.

4th of July - Neary-141 4th of July - Neary-145 4th of July - Neary-146 4th of July - Neary-148


Now he decides to have some fun!!

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