You want to get your point across? Add a Labrador to the message. Budweiser does just that with their newest ad campaign to help prevent Drinking and Driving. I am sure this commercial will be a smash success like their Super Bowl Labrador Puppy video that had everyone saying awwww!

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2 Responses

  1. Annie

    I’m Annie and I’m from Colombia. I love your website “It’s a lab thing” because I’m a dog lover 🙂
    I love labs… they’re amazing friends, absolutely intelligent and loyal. Last year I lost my beloved lab. His name was Ruffo, and he was almost 15 years old. But he had a heart condition and last september he died. It was the worst day… I cried and cried for days, missing him, but always full of thankfulness for his unconditional love and friendship. He will always be my baby, my best friend.
    Last christmas my father gave me a golden retriever. It was a big surprise for me!! She’s a lovely girl, a little ball of cotton, a princess. Her name is Perla and she has given me a lot of love and beautiful moments in this 9 months she’s been here in my home. Now I can understand that dogs aren’t just simple animals: they’re angels, the most amazing creatures of the world. I just can’t imagine my life without a dog.
    Thanks for sharing your articles, pictures and videos. Hugs for you.


  2. Susie Hall

    I have rescue a lab and treating her back to life, I can not keep her. I live in a apt, we are not allow big dogs. I have name her Allie, I rescue her from the street, she is about 4-5 month old. Very sweet girl. Is afraid of ppl, she is getting better with coming to me. I have her at a friends house, can not bring her here to my apt. He has family coming in and they want her in another place by the end of next week. She does needs to be fix, I have treated her for red mange, she is healing up well, I will be taking her in for another treatment on Monday 15,2014. After this treatment she may not need any more treatment. I will learn more Monday. Could someone call me and help me to get her in a foster home to a perm home.
    She has to stay outside where I have her now.
    Thank you,
    Susie Hall