Budweiser Super Bowl Ad with Rescue Labrador Puppy

Budweiser goes the Labrador Rescue route in their newest commercial for the Super Bowl 2014.

6 Responses

  1. Tanya

    Very cute ad, but the title of the article and the fictional place that offers puppies up for “adoption” is quite misleading. It’s very obvious that this is NOT a “Rescue” Labrador Puppy, as is apparently by all the other strikingly similar purebred Yellow Lab puppies in the x-pen. These puppies were from a breeder, and I’m certain are for sale…not adoption.

    • me

      Actually, there are hundreds of rescues that cater to specific breeds, bred dogs suffer from more ignorant humans then you can imagine. Shepherds, Goldens, Labs, Weims, you name it. I recently adopted a Labrador Retriever from the Big Dog Ranch Rescue of West Palm Beach Florida. While most likely a breeder did provide the puppies for the commercial, there are responsible breeders out there and I do not think its awful for Budweiser to go to a reputable breeder for their puppy actors. (It would have been nice to see a few other non-AKC type dogs in the background though).

  2. Jane Wentzell

    Loved the ad as in,how can you loose with puppies and horses? As mentioned, part of this sentiment sought for,is “piggy-backing”on the rescue movement. The ad would be just as effective without the attempt to do so. Rings false.

  3. r

    yes, it was obvious that those were not “rescue” dogs but it was so fabulous…why not just enjoy it? I did and often play it over again for a puppy fix. I’ll take Labs any way and as often as I can get them.