Cancer in Labradors: Mason’s Story Update!!

Cancer in Labradors It's a Lab Thing Mason's Story (4) Cancer in Labradors It's a Lab Thing Mason's Story (1)

Mason had his scans last week and he still remains cancer free! His bloodwork is all normal still too so no ill effects from the chemo. Mason is still kicking ass and taking names 😉

Cancer in Labradors It's a Lab Thing Mason's Story (2)

Way to go Mason!! You are in inspiration to all to keep fighting and never give up.

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  1. pedro

    Great story. I’m so happy. Gives me hope about my rescued German Shepherd. She had a fused his leg, and was scared how she would make it getting around. Breaks my heart. Thank you

  2. Linda Coyne

    So happy to hear this Mason!!!! Hugs and kisses from Miss Lady.

  3. Ginger Elliott

    Congrats great success story warms my heart mason keep fighting

  4. Cindy Bowser

    So happy for you! You go Mason! I lost my beautiful lab girl Shaya to cancer one year ago the 29th of this month. She was my special girl, I miss her every day and always will. Maybe one day we will not have this awful disease in our beloved pets and our humans. Congrats and prayers to stay free from cancer.

  5. gennie hughes

    I have a lab..”Buddy” who was diagnosed with cancer in June…his leg had to be Amputated..(took out from the hip) That was 4 months ago and I am pleased to say that Buddy is doing great and cancer free. he will be 9 years old In Dec. so this wasn’t easy for him …But thank god he is okay.

  6. Beth

    My chocolate was just diagnosed with lymphoma. We are scared because we are not sure if we can afford the treatment. My kids are so sad as the rest of the family. Please pray for her. Her name is Ginger.

    • Darla Devos

      Beth I will pray for your sweet baby,, I don’t know if u even want to read my post below,, but God Bless you!! Hope ur outcome is better then any of ours!!!

  7. Darla Devos

    Well we have lost too many to count to cancer,, our last lab was a beautiful healthy young man full of energy,, till my husband is in the vet business and he had lymphoma,,, we had The Best Care and aggressive treatment,, it didn’t bother him one bit!! Never lost a beat,,Sage here in CA. wanted to do a write up on his great progress and two days later he was gone!!!! I’m sorry I know u are doing all you can to help our kids,, BUT NEVER AGAIN WILL WE GET FALSE HOPE AND PUT OUR BABIES THROUGH ANY OF THIS,, till something really concrete turns up,, at least a lot of the Doctor’s now agree with us,, they know not enough progress yet!! I give them credit for that!!! Good luck to any one facing this,,,, to each is own, good luck!!

  8. Ellen Venturella

    Yay!!! Yippee!!! Woo Hoo!!! Way to go Mason!!! Keep on kicking cancer’s butt and proving the prognosis and statistics wrong!!! May you follow in my Tripawd Charley’s paw prints!

    My Charley, a chocolate Lab, was 2-1/2 years old when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). He had his left front leg amputated followed by 5 rounds of Carboplatin chemo. Charley was cancer free for 3 years.

    Unfortunately, we found out on 10/24/13 that Charley’s OS came back as a met underneath his amputation scar…. almost exactly 3 years to the day after his amputation. Charley had surgery on 11/8/13 to remove the cancer and the surgeon was able to get clear margins (1cm at the narrowest margin because the tumor extended down to his brachial plexus and 2cm at the widest margin). The CT scan showed that his lungs and other organs were clear. Charley has had 4 of 6 rounds of chemo so far, he’s alternating between Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) and Lomustine (CCNU).

    Charley is now 5-3/4 years old and he will celebrate his 40 Month Ampuversary on 2-28-14…so he has lived over 1/2 of his life as a Tripawd and with OS, so miracles can and do happen! We’re looking forward to celebrating his 6th Birthday on 3-29-14!

    Sending Mason lots of positive thoughts and prayers!!!

    Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses,
    Ellen and Charley
    3+ Year Bone Cancer Warrior….and counting!