The FotoCoach Fundamentals will cover:
  • Difference between camera’s – Compact, Bridge camera’s and an SLR sensor & Why they are better.
  • How many megapixels do you need?
  • Nikon vs Canon: I am asked so many times to recommend a camera. Discuss some options of camera’s in different budgets and how manufacturers are a personal choice.
  • How to get the best from the animals you are photographing. Take your time and introduce the equipment slowly, get the dogs to trust you.
  • How a camera records light: Three things that determine how the sensor sees the light we require: *​ISO *Shutter Speed *Aperture
  • A Q&A with Andy Biggar!


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The Fundamentals

They are the basic building blocks to great pictures! Understanding how everything from light to exposure can make a big difference from an OK photo to a great photo. Andy Biggar will be your FotoCoach and make it easy for you to understand these Fundamentals. This get you started on the path of taking control of your camera to create the photos that you want.