Labrador Cork Board

You could imagine my surprise and delight when LABfan Andrew posted a picture of this super sweet Labrador Cork Pin Board to It’s a Lab Thing. Without hesitation I knew that this was totally for Lab Cool! Labrador-Pinboard It's a Lab Thing Labrador Products Corkboard

getCork Labrador Style

So I reached out to Andrew to see just where these awesome pin boards were located. Based out of South Africa, getCork has a wide array of cork products. All the designs are super fresh and we here at It’s a Lab Thing can not get enough of them.

The boards are hand made in Cape Town South Africa. They are all 6mm Portuguese Cork glued to 6mm MDF. They used Recycled Cork. The boards have a built in hanging system and are ready to be hung. The Labrador Retriever pin board is about 24″x24″ and get this…. only about $28 USD! What!?

Now Shipping may add to the price, but in my opinion well worth it. Andrew was super awesome and over a course of a week, he went to find out shipping rates primarily for the US and Canada. Your approximate costs are about:

$ 28.16USD Labrador pin board + $43.05USD  Shipping  =  Total : $71.21 USD

They also have other super cool designs as well. Go check them out when you get a chance.

It's a Lab Thing Labrador Cork Board pin board get corkBullterrier-Pinboard It's a Lab Thing Cool Labrador Products corkboard

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