It is always a Good Time when you are hanging out with Labrador Friends of the South. I had so much fun on our monthly Foster Walk. Basically, what we do is every month (weather permitting) we go up to the Chattahoochee River Park: Powers Ferry, in Atlanta to get our fosters, their parents and anyone else that wants to participate out for some exercise. It is great exposure for the fosters and plus they can get some socializing in. We usually carry pamphlets to give to anyone that asks. We never solicit anyone… the Labs do it all themselves. We stick out like a sore paw with our pack of Labradors, consisting of Rescues, Alumni and our own Fur Babies. So many joggers, walkers and bicyclists stop and inquire when they see all those sweet faces. Nothing Lights of your Day more when you see the Smiles that the Labs put on peoples faces.

Click Here to See More Pictures from Labrador Friends of the South’s Foster Walk

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