One of my favorite times to walk Brody & Saban is during the evening. Why? There is usually not a lot of other dogs out and I can usually walk them off leash and during the hot Summer months, it is ideal. The one drawback and potentially safety problem is always my Labradors’ visibility to others. That was the case until I was introduced to the Glowdoggie Ultra!

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German Engineered Dog Collars with Glowing Results

I have said it in the past and I will say it again. I am dog collar aficionado. I love them and I believe that there is not just a one size fits all approach to them. To me, dog collars serve a purpose. Whether I’m going on a hike, to a family outing or to the lake,  I have a collar for each occasion. The Glowdoggie LED dog collar is the perfect addon to the traditional collar. I say addon, because you can not hook up a leash to them. That is not what they are designed for. They are designed to make your Labrador stand out when daylight is absent. They are designed for the safety of your dog in mind. Safety is the key factor and when you need your Labs to be visible, Glowdoggie is there to light the way.

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The Build

Lets start with the fact that these lighted collars are German engineered. They are not constructed of inferior materials unlike some other glow in the dark collars I have encountered.  Waterproof, mud proof and snow proof the Glowdoggie lighted collars LED lights are housed in a thick webbed tubing to withstand the elements.  The Glowdoggie Classic+ and Ultra lighted collars all run on AAA batteries, except for the Mini. They range from 25 hours to 100 hours of burn time. That is a lot of nighttime fun. There is no on or off switch, just simply move the base into the upward position and they shut off automatically. Slide them on base down and your good to go.

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Lighted Collars that Serve a Purpose

The one thing that I noticed the most when my Labradors were wearing the collars, was that when cars began to approach us they slowed down, some even to a crawl. From a distance, they could be perceived as kids playing with glow sticks or little aliens with glowing eyes. Either way they served their purpose and got the attention of others. That for me is a win. Unlike other lighted collars, the Glowdoggie LED collars have been approved by K9 Search & Rescue groups throughout the world.

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The Fit

You will have to do a tinybit of measuring to make sure you get the best fit for your Labrador. When you go to the Glowdoggie website make sure you go to the Sizing page. Don’t do any guesstimates. Get it right the first time.

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Waterproof Lighted Collars

Rain, sleet, snow or mud, you do not have to worry about your Glowdoggie collars pooping out on you. Guys, make sure you read the directions when putting in the batteries. 😉 That will insure that these awesome collars stay weather proof.

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The Glowdoggie dog collar styles and pricing varies. I will admit they are not your cheapest lighted dog collar out there. The key word being CHEAP. There is not a  price you can put on your Labs safety. For me reliable and safe is what matters. Not all lighted collars are suited for the all terrain rough and tough breeds like the Labrador. Whether you are out camping, hunting or just a walk I am sure you will be pleased with Glowdoggie lighted collars.

LABoratory Results




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36 Responses

  1. Courtney

    Barney the Lab mix would love to win a Glowdoggie collar for Christmas! ~tailwags

  2. Rita Pryor-Halstead

    My name is Piper I am a young English Lab who likes long walks in the dark; boy this collar would be great for my mother to see me at night and in the early morning!

  3. Megan

    Hi! My name’s Charlie! I’m a beautiful 4 year-old black lab that is very hard to keep track of at night!!! Please send me this collar so my parents can see me!! Lol

  4. julie

    my name is snowflake,.im not a labrador, im a jrt/pomaranian but would love to be safely seen on our evening walks

  5. Jerry Hedeen

    my black lab rescue from DLRR would like to have himself one, he thinks it would go good with his bright green toy bone and green toy ball.

  6. Glenn

    My 3 Labs would love these. Black 13 yrs old, Brown 5 yrs old, Yellow 4 yrs old.These look very cool and would be great especially when we go camping.

  7. George Kotzas

    Bought the Ultra, for my red labrador, over a year ago. Well built & highly visable. Probably get asked about on every walk. L.E.D. is very efficient. Only re-charge the batteries every few weeks.

  8. Amy

    My dog Stanley would love one of these in his stocking this year!

  9. Sarah

    My name is Moses and I am a Red Lab and my mom needs me to have one of these collars so she can see me at night when she lets me out. 🙂

  10. Côté

    Mirabelle and Magy would love one of those, they are tired of the cheap ones!

  11. Craig holt

    Marley Maisey my two chocolate labs would look the mutts nutts wearing these when out on walkies these dark nights 🙂

  12. Nicola Holt

    Would really love these for my babies my hubby told me about them

  13. Bric Burns

    Perfect for camping with two black labs! Especially great for those evening swims!

  14. Kate

    Is this open internationally? Would be perfect for my 8 month black lab!

  15. Lelainia Lloyd

    WOW! This is impressive! I have a 5 1/2 year old black Lab, Indiana Jones, who is like a ninja when we walk at night-no one can see him. I live in BC where it is often not only dark at night, but also raining, which makes visibility an issue. He has some reflective lines on his storm coat, but I don’t ever feel that’s enough to keep him safe. I love that the collar is waterproof-that’s PERFECT for our environment.

    Pinning this!

  16. Deb

    I so need that for my chocolate lab boy, Logan. He darts out the front door, just keeps running and is hard to see when he does it at night. This would be very helpful in keeping him safe and getting him back in the house.

  17. Judith Wolfe

    I’m Hawk the Black Lab, and I love to help with mobility of my human at fun nighttime events at the local park. I have a problem being seen by other drivers when we head back to our truck to go home – black dog in the dark, ya know! I think this collar would keep me and my human be safe from other drivers!

  18. LJCraig

    Laci and Leah would LOVE to sparkle for the holiday season and dark days of winter in this collar…and…it would be great to see their little beautiful heads in the waves when they swim in the lakes and ponds over the summer months!! Please?? THANKS!

  19. Jake the Snake Clanton

    Ruf Ruf RUFRUF RUFF RUFFF RUFF RUFFFF RUFFFF RUF rufff ruf rufrufruff ruff ruf ruf ruff ruff …. Translation: Looks very cool and I would love to show that off to my play mates in Weston Florida.

  20. Kim M

    Perfect for my chocolate lab, who is invisible at night! We love to go camping, but I am always so nervous about her after dark…problem solved! Thanks for a chance to win. I pinned it & shared the love on FB. 🙂

  21. Charles Howard

    I click facebook and twitter and your page appears and says page not found.

  22. Denise Sprout

    My dogs Slater and Scout are both black and these would be great to improve their visibility at night. We would love to win one!! These look to be very nicely made and durable and that is a very important factor!

  23. Josette Z.

    My yellow lab Lucky would love this collar,because mama could find him easily in the dark if he gets off his line.:-)

  24. Tanya

    My two 6 year old Yellow Labs (sisters) Lexi and Sadie would love to sport these awesome collars. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win them. 🙂

  25. Sheila

    Would love to have one of those collar’s for my son’s dog, Bunny. She is black and very hard to see on those night walks.

  26. Amy B

    Great review of what looks like a fantastic collar! Would love to win one for my sister’s black lab, Lily. She likes to run off at night when we can’t see her! She thinks it’s a great game but we don’t!

  27. Sarah

    Its very dark here with no strretlight, it’d be lovely to have a glow collar for my young yellow labrador , thanks, sarah, x

  28. Janae Miller

    This would be great for me black lab Jake! So hard to see a black lab at night!

  29. jammie

    My names Bear and I’m a black lab and my mommy can’t find me ay night when I go out plz pick me she has been looking for one of these for while.

  30. Susan Kingston

    I have a very active yellow lab! One of these collars would be awesome to have for him. These are such a great idea!! I love, love, love them! Tucker told me he wants one too!!!

  31. Lisa schmidt

    That would be perfect for our black lab right in our backyard. At night we can’t always find her until she’s right at the patio door!! Love it!!

  32. Lisa Gray

    We have 3 lab babies that would love and advertise your collars like no other dog can!!! Malibu is 13yrs, Duke E Doo is 4yrs and Cocoa Channel is 3yrs old. It helps that our Mommy is also a Pet Nanny and takes care of 200 dogs!!!!! Who will all buy several collars!!!!! Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!!