Its a Lab Thing My Picks


It is getting close to that time of year when you will have more guests to the house than usual. So keep your Labrador Fresh and Clean with these products that I use. Simple to use and they put that new Labrador Smell on your Labs so they can be ready for all the hugs and kisses they will get.


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In my opinion every Labrador should come with a Furminator! Hands down the most effective tool to combat shedding and endless Lab hair all over your floors.

Dry Shampoo

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I Love Doggy Dry Shampoo, especially in between baths. It is quick and easy and you do not need any water whatsoever. Perfect to use right before company comes over.

Dog Wipes (Doggy)

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Dog Cleaning wipes are perfect for that quick wash. I like to use mine after walks and whatnot. I always use them to clean off their paws because Brody and Saban walk in and out of lawns. Those lawns are typically filled with fertilizers or whatever to make their grass grow. You don’t want your Labrador licking his paws and ingesting those harmful products.

The Furminator PetHead Dry Shampoo All Natural Dog Wipes