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I am a retired Army veteran who picked up photography as a way to stay involved with my children’s growing up and fell in love with it. I have a number of medical conditions due to my service and have a Rescued Labrador Mix Service Dog, Iris,  to help me with my daily life and keep me safe when I am alone. She has given me a new lease on life allowing me to express that in pictures of these beautiful animals. I now shoot all sorts of wildlife but still have a main focus on dogs and rescues.

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[quoteicon author=”Kent Phyfe”]Because America’s VetDogs changed my life when they gave me my service dog, Labrador Retriever mix, Iris, I am forever indebted to them. The great thing about that for dog lovers is they breed Lab’s, Golden’s and Shepard’s so that means I get to shoot pictures often for them and everyone here. I am looking forward to getting out and shooting often for now that the weather is changing in New England.[/quoteicon]


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Cause of Choice: NECOGG:



 Thank You Kent for your Service and all that you do for America’s VetDogs and NECOGG.

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  1. Don Bricker

    Kent, First, thank you for your service.
    The pictures of your service dog turned out beautiful. It would be great if I could get together with you sometime so that you could do a pictorial of my service dog Anna Marie That America’s Vet Dogs placed with me in May of 2011. We live in Michigan so I suspect that a get together would be very difficult but if possible I would truly appreciate it. Thank you, Don Bricker
    I am on facebook so maybe we could also get together that way so you can see what she looks like. I know that America’s Vet Dogs has a pic of us standing next to my blue cougar in their picture file. Thanks again, Don