Reunited at Last

MILWAUKEE — The reunion happened in the walkway towards concourse c at Mitchell Airport Friday.

Kenosha native and US Marine Corps veteran James Minton reunited with his military war dog – Boo.

Minton has been waiting for this for a long time. He said he was excited, nervous and happy waiting to get his dog.

Boo is 3 years old. But Minton hasn’t seen him in a few years. They were separated after their stint in Afghanistan.

Minton said he’s been working to get Boo back for a long time. The two worked together in Afghanistan searching for IEDs or bombs. Boo was trained to do just that. The pair trained together in North Carolina.

Minton said the phrase was simply “hunt it up” – that’s the command for Boo to start searching for bombs – one he won’t have to use anymore.


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  1. Lindy

    The dog is 3, he hasn’t seen it in a few years….would be at least 3 to be a few..what about dog training etc. Doesn’t add up.