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Thank You

Thank You all so much for all your support for It’s a Lab Thing. We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary and 100k LABfans with one heck of a Labrador Awesome Week!! Huge Giveaways, Phenomenal Showcases, More Giveaways, Andy Biggar Showcase…. Oh did I say we are having Giveaways??

What an awesome and exciting year we have had. I can not even begin to tell you how great it has been to watch the It’s a Lab Thing Family Grow, Share and Support one another. I have seen some truly great things. There are so many people and Brands that have contributed to ILT and WE THANK YOU!!

You must claim to win it.


What You Could Win:

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  1. Elke Schluter

    I absolut adore dogs and my favourites are Labradors. I love this web site and FB page and all the people here who give their hearts to dogs.Do I have a chance of winning even I am from the UK please??