The Labrador Retriever is Top Dog Breed Again…

No surprise. Intro “We are the Champions” please!!. Pound for Pound and still the undefeated reigning champion… the Labrador Retriever is King!

It is no Surprise that the Athletic, Versatile, Lovable and Adorable Labrador Retriever has once again been named America’s most popular dog, continuing the breed’s 23-year streak at the top. In my opinion and I may be a bit biased, the Labrador is the quintessential family dog.

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 The “Nay” Sayers

The Funny thing is that every year the Labrador wins, they always say that insert dog breed here is the next in line to take the top spot. Well bring it! Oh, and good luck while you are at it too.

The Flip Side

Now there is a flip side to being at the top and that is it only increases the demand for this lovable adorable breed. That means that more Labradors will end up with families that do not do the research before bringing in one into the family. That result is seen by the countless Labs in Rescues every year that are looking for a Forever home. Labrador Retrievers and dogs are a big commitment and should always be treated that way.

5 Responses

  1. Marjorie Cox Fabian

    You are right about the “flip side”. You do see a lot of Labs and Lab-mixes at the animals shelters. Over the many years we have had nine Labs, three of them being mixed and adopted from a shelter. We love all of them! And, believe me, I would adopt many more if I could.

  2. Brenda McIntosh

    we have two labs and your comment is so very true, it is a commitment that you must stick to as it is not always easy raising these energetic pups. They stay forever puppy like their entire lives and rarely slow down. Ours are the everthing dogs…meaning they hang out when it’s cold and wet outside and just chill, ready and eager to play when called upon, great campers, adore children, respectful of each other and just overall the best dogs ever. We have a Yellow (Red Fawn) American Female and Black English. Male. These two have their favorite spots to lay in the house so they can keep a watchful eye on folks that pass by, just so they can bark at them. Once our female found her voice she has never stopped. I could go on and on as you already know how fantastic they are in so many ways. Thank you for your posts….Go Labbies!!!

  3. Rebo

    As a trainer, I know that many new lab owners don’t do much training in the beginning. Then adolescence sets in and the dog seems like a wild thing. They ask me why my dog is so calm. He is not calm, he is just trained. If we can do anything to keep labs out of shelters it’s to help their owners get all-positive training. Most labs are around 2-4 when they are surrendered.

    To find a trainer in your area, go to the Association of Positive Dog Trainers:
    As you know, labs are big babies. They don’t fare well under harsh training. It’s NEVER too late to teach them something. Since they are puppy-like for a long time, you can channel that energy into training tricks or traditional behavior. They are fast learners, as you already know.

  4. Karen McPhee

    Just found your lovely site, I have a lovely yellow lab/retriever called Charlie, he is almost five years old now and still a big baby but he is funny, caring, energetic, everything a lab is, he is fortunate we live on a remote island in Scotland with plenty of places to run about, he gets walks totaling 10-15 miles every day.