[intro-paragraph]Happy Gotcha Day MOOgan!![/intro-paragraph]

its a lab thing senior labrador

Labrador Friends of the South’s sweet old lady Megan, now MOOgan, is not doing well as her kidneys are beginning to fail. She arrived to LFS a couple of years ago at the young age of 10 years old. Megan is now 12.  No Lab should be without a permanent home at that age, so her foster parents, Contributing Author, Dr. Erin Horner and her husband Jon, have decided to officially adopt her. Even if it may be for a short time, Megan officially has a home. Don’t tell her though as she knew two years ago that she had found the best possible family to spend her golden years with!

Megan has a tough story, a story that we see way too many times. Seniors have a special place in our heart. I hope you will consider adopting a senior in the name of Miss Megan.

If you want to know more about Megan’s story CLICK HERE

its a lab thing senior labrador friends of the south megan

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