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1 Lens = So Much Goodness

After seeing a photo shoot of a Lab Rescue, I could not help but get Katie Bricker lined up for an It’s a Lab Thing Showcase. An extremely talented photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia, she has a style of her own that is easily  top shelf. When you add her good deeds to her awesome photography, Katie is one well rounded photographer that I would not hesitate to call.

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A Rescue Lab named Dublin

“We got Dublin from Labrador Friends of the South at 9 weeks old in December of 2010 when he came in with 4 other black pups and their yellow lab mom. Since day one, he has been a complete joy and we can’t get enough of him. Although we never knew his true heritage, we believe he is a “real” Lab to his core. He loves the water and is an excellent swimmer. So good, in fact, one time he swam off an island that we were camping at the lake to another neighboring island! (Don’t worry, we got him back!). He loves to play fetch, chase birds and adores kids. He is the best dog I’ve ever owned and we look forward to many more memories with him and our family.”

-Katie Bricker

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-006 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-007 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-008 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-009 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-010 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-011 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-012 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-KatieBricker-Dubs-014

Labrador Rescue of Choice

Katie Bricker donates her time and lens to Labrador Friends of the South. Recently, she did a shoot for a Rescue Lab named Chip. Chip is a Lab mix and to be honest, sometimes the mixes take a bit longer to adopt out. Well one photo session later with Katie and Chip had a line of families ready to adopt. Proving that good pictures can really make a difference when it comes to Rescue efforts.


Thank you

Thank you Katie for sharing your work with us and thank you for what you do for Labrador Friends of the South. We will be keeping an eye out for the next lucky rescue you help.

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5 Responses

  1. Elena

    Dublin is looking great! Great pictures Katie and thank you for your help with Chip! Elena

  2. Joe in Denver

    Your Dublin is a very handsome boy. I lost my Chocolate best friend, two months ago, his name was Dublin. His full name was Michael Collins of Dublin. Your boy looks like he has the same soul as my Dublin. Full of love and happiness.