The FDA is investigating these possible Bad Jerky Suspects. I see the Waggin Trails at Costco. A quick turn on the back of the bag and you can see where most are coming from… China. If you have any of these at home, I would recommend throwing them out.

Do Not Buy!! Throw Away!!

Do Not Buy!! Throw Away!!



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  1. Rebecca Morgan on Facebook

    This is why I bake their treats myself, I know what ingredients I use. Plus, I also use celery and carrots as treats. Better for them than bagged treats made in China and low cal too.

  2. Bill Ecklund on Facebook

    While I believe it’s always good to keep an eye on what you feed your pets there are some issues with the poster shown that I noticed. If you go to the link written at the bottom it takes you to an article that was updated in August or September but appears to actually a few years older than that. It mentions no specific brands other than to say products from China. As well it does not mention how many reports have been made, let alone how many dogs have become sick or died. There is also an asterisk by one of the numbers and further down the info in the asterisk is to blurry to read properly. (At least on my tablet anyway) The last thing I notice is the product on the bottom row, second from the left. It’s President’s Choice, a brand that is sold mainly in Canada, yet it’s on a US FDA poster? I’m not saying this warning should be disregarded, just that some of it seems a bit suspect. Here are the links so you can read the article yourself. &

  3. Deb Cox on Facebook

    Bill you are correct as I have seen this article before. But all in all I have had my labs get sick from certain treats so all treats should never be treated as dog food that would be like eating a big bag of m & m s for a meal for us. And homemade is better if you have the time 🙂

  4. Deb Cox on Facebook

    That is true it never does hurt, it keeps the public aware that there is bad treats out there and there are some stores that never pull them from their shelves 🙁

  5. Bill Ecklund on Facebook

    You are so right Deb. I have had an experience with the jerky treats. On one particular day I gave Jasper too many and the next day he had diarrhea. Lesson learned. After that I made sure to keep than to no more than two in single day, and not everyday either. I haven’t really bought any since but he’ll still get an occasional one from friends on the trails and hasn’t had any issues. These days his big treat is pumpkin. Sometimes in his food but most often frozen in a Kong. He loves it.

  6. Kathy An John on Facebook

    lost 2 lab mixes to kidney issues ,suspect “chicken jerky ” new lab puppies get NOTHING with glycerin (sp?) in it .All of you please check ,my poor
    Happy did not deserve to die at 10 from eating a treat she loved and we thouhgt were healthy. !

  7. BlackFoot Labradors on Facebook

    Thank you for sharing… We quit buying these as treats a few years ago when the “on and off” re-calls started. TIP… Buy a package of all natural CHICKEN HOT DOGS, cut them into long strips, and microwave the heck out of them – great treats, cheaper than this and human grade food = much safer. NOTE* most chicken hot dogs are fully cooked and do not even need to be cooked before using as a treat – finger nail sized pieces are perfect for training.