One of the coolest things that I saw this week at the Global Pet Expo was that so many companies are giving back to everything from Rescues to our Nation’s Veterans. I finally got to catch up to America’s VetDogs®, William Krol, to meet him, our Veterans and their canine counterparts to get a little more insight into a cause that It’s a Lab Thing loves so much.


It was really awesome to find out that America’s VetDogs uses both Purebred and Rescue dogs in their program. Two of the three service dogs that were there this week are Rescues.


Wendy, a retired Marine, has the Faithful service of Simba, a saved Rescue, at her side. Such a fitting name, Simba.


Kent, a retired Army Veteran, has Iris, a Rescued Black Labrador Retriever, has his faithful service companion. Kent is also a photographer in his spare time, so It’s a Lab Thing can’t wait to get some of his awesome pictures of Iris in a Showcase.


Joe, a Navy Veteran, with one of America’s VetDog’s purebred Golden retrievers, Benjamin hanging out. I have always thought Golden’s were the Labradors Long Haired hippie cousin. LoL.

It’s a Lab Thing is looking forward to working with America’s VetDogs to bring even more light to such an awesome cause. America’s VetDogs is a non-profit so they are working with some big names in the pet industry such as Bill-Jac, Ethical Products and Petking, Inc to help raise the necessary funds so they can continue to support one of our Nation’s greatest treasures, our Veterans.

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5 Responses

  1. norma

    what a fantastic job these dogs do and there no more than the vets deserve .

  2. cindy

    Our country should stand behind this 100% Just like our veterans stand up for us every day!!