[intro-paragraph]It is what is behind those eyes of a Labrador that will get you everytime[/intro-paragraph]

Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase001 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase002

When I see a really awesome picture that someone submits I can not help put check out their profile to see if they have any other hidden treasures. Well that was just the case with Patrick de Gier. I was completely taken back by his image of the four Labrador Retrievers in the back of the Toyota. The picture was just outstanding! I had to see if there was more and there was. Patrick is based out of the Netherlands and has an eye for getting a fascinating picture of a Lab. He specializes in working dog photography.

Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase003 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase004 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase005 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase006 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase007 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase008 Its-a-Lab-Patrick-de-gier-showcase009

It’s a Lab Thing would like to Thank Patrick for sharing his work with us and all the ILT Family. We can not wait to see what more he has to offer.

Please take a moment and stop by his Facebook page and say hi and check out his website as well.

[box title=”Patrick de Gier Photography”]You can also see more of Patrick’s work by clicking on the appropriate links below:

Website:  www.patrickdegier.nl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/patrickdegierfotografie

All images are Copyrighted by Patrick de Gier Photography. 



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