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Phineas’ Story

Phineas, a lovable family lab is sentenced to die because he mouthed a neighbors child when she fell on top of the child he lives with and loves. No skin was broken. The Lexus Project has been brought on
to this case.

From owner of Phineas: “Our dog was on a tie out in our back yard when a neighbor’s child entered the yard. She fell and in so doing, knocked down our
daughter. Our dog went to the defense of our daughter and with open mouth, grabbed the side of the child, possibly to pull her off, but not in a vicious manner. The mouthing bruised the child but did not even break the skin. I saw it as soon as it happened. A mandated call by the hospital was filed with the city, our dog was confiscated on June 22, 2012 and has been held now for more than nine months.”


April 18, 2013 – From the Lexus Project

The fight to overturn the judgement is far more involved and time consuming than had we been involved from the beginning.

That said, our first efforts after making sure the dog is safe will be an attempt to settle instead of litigating which can cost thousands and keep Phineas locked away indefinitely while it makes it’s way through the court. We can almost guarantee that if any settlement is possible, it will require Phineas to leave the state.

The owner of Phineas feel that it would not be in Phineas’ best interest to return him back to the town he lives in. Their have been actual death threats regarding Phineas. Originally they had hoped to move him to a large farm out of town, however they have realized that the best place for Phineas is out of the state of MO.


My Two Wags

Apparently these are the usual suspects involved in the case. I would strongly urge you to reach out to these guys to voice your support for Phineas. It’s a Lab Thing STRONGLY advises that when contacting these officials to in no way be disrespectful or use or insinuate any form of a threat. That will only hurt Phineas’ cause, not help.

[box title=”Phineas Petition for Release”]Please Click Here to Sign the Petition to Free Phineas
Phineas Facebook Page:  Phineas Facebook Page
Read More: Riverfront Times[/box]

It is Time for Phineas to come home!!

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62 Responses

  1. Brensen Feese

    Unbelievable how some people are!!! Criminals in jail are locked up, lets get rid of them too!!! I’d rather see that than a dog.

    • Megan

      Mam with all respect Salem is not a cruel town I am from Salem but had to move away and I’m ready to go visit home. I do agree that what is being done is not fair nor is it right for this family and poor dog. I will however say Salem is not a cruel town but in Salem I know for a fact their are cruel citizens as well as good citizens. I’m sorry you find my home to be a cruel place but I wish I could change your mind so you would only think we have cruel people living in Salem rather than everyone in Salem is cruel.

  2. Gloria Tyrie Harmsworth

    Labradors have soft mouths so grab or hold, They do not bite,this is known thing for gods sake. he is being held by bullying men who know nothing about Labs.

  3. Doreen Rappa Sprague

    I saw a picture yesterday of the bite mark on the child. Someone mentioned that it looked like a human bite and not a dog bite. Looks human to me. Poor Phineas, he needs to go home. Those poor kids miss their dog. 🙁

  4. Mike Brown

    There was a post elsewhere about this today. I can’t remember the details, but there’s a lot more to this story. Some research may be prudent.

  5. Debbie McManaway

    Thank you. I pray this does not become USA’s Lennox! Anyone that knows Labs, knows about mouthing and carrying things. I dont know how many times I have had bruising on my arms from my Cora girl trying to take me somewhere! Again Thanks for all you do!!!

  6. Frances Gaeta

    Thank you for sharing this story with your followers. This is like the Lennox case in Irealnd – so sad…

  7. Brensen Feese

    I had to post twice, my lab mouths me all the time. We play!!! It’s called playing Missouri!!! Looks good for your state how worthless your government is.

  8. Katherine Liles

    So happy that he was found!! Hopefully these a-holes will have to pay for what they did to this poor helpless Lab!! He should’ve never been taken from his home in the first place!!! #OUTRAGED!!

  9. Lori Ann Bendever

    If this was me I would fight to change the way these instances are handled in their town.I can’t imagine why when no skin was brokenthey thought they needed to take and hide any dog

  10. Nancy Sanders

    I love dogs. Labs are my favorite. I have two buried in my backyard. I keep flowers on their grave. My grandson has one buried in his backyard. We love labs and keep them well into old age. The little girl’s parents should have been watching their child. Where were they anyway? I could go on and on about our Labs, but if you are a Lab lover, i don’t have to. I hope you get your dog back. Best wishes to you and your familoy. You all will be on my prayer list. God made labs, too. Labs are much smarter than a lot of people I know. Wonder why they put murders, child molesters and rapists to death the way they dogs???

  11. Mary LaMonte Gedeon

    morons…why aren’t they looking for the people that run dogfighting rings instead of picking on this poor family and dog, sometimes I am embarrased to call myself an American! Ridiculous!…SIGNED!

  12. Matt-Christy Splechter

    Some labs do bite (just ask Ceasar Milan) but the vast majority are not ever aggressive toward people. I signed the petition because I’m heartbroken at the thought of any mistreatment of a dog. I don’t know the whole story, but I do know that no dog deserves abuse. Bless his little lab heart.

  13. dawn and ron greiner

    Have a heart…..release Phineas to his family…id be happy to pay for his release. Do the right thing and free him.

  14. Kathy Keating-Winner

    My son rescued a lab from the pound and he was listed as mouther, and he was. No teeth were ever used and with training the mouthing stopped. He as well as the lab I’ve had are the reason therwill NEVER be another breed of dog in my house!

  15. John Shaw

    Labs are, by nature, a non vicious breed. They mouth to play not to harm, UNLESS YOU HARM THEM! Just like an average human, they will protect themselves and loved ones. I have owned several labs and NOT ONE has broken skin, even when protecting me or another family member, friend or neighbour. Their BARK is much worse than their bite!

  16. Carrie Fleury Horan

    and the dog was on his own property! most riduculous thing ive ever heard. im beginning to like dogs more than alot of people nowadays!

  17. anne howes

    no no thats wrong very wrong labs are the most loving kind dogs there’s no way they would hurt any any one this decision is totally a wrong one hope the family get phineas back xx

  18. Alex Rank

    This world is so backwards sometimes! Legitimate and dangerous criminals are being released back into society due to overcrowding but this city is throwing the book at this poor dog and family. How backwards is that!??

  19. Cheryl Majewski Wozny

    I fully in support of Phinneas & his family, but people, enough with the ignorant comments about Labs not biting. I’ve been bitten twice, once by my 120 lb Lab, whose warning signs I ignored (have bad scars) & another on Monday by a Lab I was transporting for the rescue I volunteer with. COMPLETELY unprovoked. A dog IS an animal & CAN & WILL bite.

  20. Vicki Seaman

    “IF” he had bitten,( which he didn’t break skin), it would have only been because he was hurt by that child or protecting his children! Labs are one of the most loving, easy going dogs that you can be blessed to have…I had a choc. & a yellow, love them!!!

  21. Mari Keenan

    The breed is one of the most awesome in the world.I lost mine and was never cross with anyone and live until 10 yrs old may he be loved forever Hugs Delly ox

  22. Teri Maguire

    My choc lab takes your arm in his mouth, never ever clamps down! His way of saying look at me I’m here I’m here….I also call them love kiss’s.

  23. Jacqui Curtis

    As a crazy Labrador lover, I can assure you there was no intent on the dogs behalf only to help the child. Please do not put Phineas down. I will provide a home for her if needed.

  24. Corina Olanescu

    Hello everyone! I’m from Romania and I’m not familiar with the US laws. But I need to tell you something about our laws. There is a special law here regarding the AGGRESSIVE dogs (Pit Bull, Boerbull, Rottweiller, Mastino Napolitano, Mastiff, Cane Corso and some others). Shortly, if any of these dogs bite someone, the owner is sent to prison and the dog is confiscated (not killed). BUT NOT if the dog bites someone in order to defend its owner when attacked. Obviously, a Labrador is far from being an aggressive breed. Therefore, if the most ferocious dogs and their owners lawfully get away with a “owner defense” bite / attack, a Labrador should definitely get away with it. Phineas had no idea that his friend was not really being attacked, he only instantly reacted to what he saw and probably heard (I assume his friend cried when the neighbour’s daughter fell on her). Don’t you, americans, have a similar law? Can’t you use it to free Phineas?

  25. Corina Olanescu

    I signed the petition. Good luck, Phineas!

  26. Daisydoo

    Free Phileas, send him to us in the UK – he would be treated much better here, They would be prosecuted for being so cruel This is absolutely disgraceful in this day and age. Shame on America!

  27. kawaljit virk

    my lab baby sometimes take my hand or arm in mouth but its fine ,as labs never bite even in worst situation. this is inhumane what they are doing to phileas. PLEASE FREE PHILEAS AND LET HIM GO TO HIS FAMILY . if we can do something for him please tell.

  28. Maddie

    Anybody who knows anything about Labs knows they are very gentle — When they “retrieve’ ducks or prey, they don’t break bones or draw blood. This dog was clearly protecting his pack and it sounds like not in a malicious manner. Maybe he was trying to help the kid get off his mistress/master. If it were another breed, that kid’s face or hands would be chewed off… He needs to go back home to his family – what did the kid’s parents say? Where the hell were they to begin with? Good luck Phineas!

  29. Copper and blackjack's Family

    Hope she will be release soon and be back to her family good luck

  30. Tara

    Its cruel and un-needed punishment to both the dog and the children. The dog did not bite the child, and the children are being mentally scarred by not being able to have their dog. The dog should be returned to the family, and the people who took him away should be punished for cruelty to an animal and face charges. And if the mayor and other “elected” officials allow this to continue, they need to be held responsible also. That is animal cruelty and child cruelty.

  31. Susan F.

    Phineas is a gentle and loving dog. Dr. Tunes is doing a great job taking care of him and he no longer has to live in the damp basement at the Fire Station. Dr. Tunes walks him and keeps him safe, but he needs a loving family. Labradors love their humans and need that love returned. I hope we know when the hearing will be so as many that can will be there to support this beautiful dog. We raise Australian Shepherds, but I fell in love with Phineas at first sight. He is precious. What a shame he has been put through this misery. It is a testament to him that he has remained sweet and patient in spite of the evil he experienced. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  32. Sarah

    I have a lab also. I could not imagine not having her with me. I hope you get him back soon. 🙁

  33. sarah McDonnell

    Phineas needs to be reunited with his family asap!

  34. Rosalyn John

    The lab was also trying to help the children, Maybe that’s why lab’s help disabled people and children give the dog back please