Because that is what our Labs are to us. Did I get your attention? I hope so because this is what is happening across the US and most recently in my state of Georgia with a Chocolate Labrador named Luke.

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SMYRNA, Ga. — A Cobb County police officer says he was forced to shoot an aggressive dog, but the animal’s owner insists police are painting the wrong picture of his pet. “There was no sense in it,” said Robby King, the dog’s owner. “They didn’t have to shoot him. He was a big baby.”

Robby King admits that in his haste to get to the hospital to visit his new grandbaby, he accidently set off the alarm at his Smyrna home. King also admits that he forgot the password that would have told the alarm company and police that everything was okay.

Two Cobb police officers responded to the alarm. King says he was standing near the front door when officers went to the back.

“I heard pop-pop and said, ‘Please don’t shoot my dog’,” said King.

A Cobb police spokesperson said no one with the department would speak on camera, but did release a detailed report.

According to the report, Officer G.M. Roach found an unsecured door at the back of the home. Officer Roach told investigators that he opened the door and announced “Cobb County Police.” He said that’s when the 100 pound chocolate Labrador retriever charged him.

“I retreated approximately 20 feet from the back door and the large dog continued toward me barking aggressively with its mouth wide open attempting to bite me,” the report quotes Officer Roach as saying.

Roach told investigators he fired one shot but the animal kept coming.

“It continued charging toward me in an aggressive manner as if the dog’s main focus was attacking me and harming me,” Officer Roach is quoted as saying.

The report also claims a witness told officers the same animal once attacked her. The witness, identified in the report as Cheryl Truelove, is quoted as telling officers “That dog as bit me in the past.”

Cheryl Truelove is Robby King’s sister. When 11Alive’s Jerry Carnes caught up with Truelove at King’s home, she claimed she’d told officers about a completely different dog.

“I never claimed Luke bit me, cause Luke has never bit me,” said Truelove.

Cobb Police say that the officer followed policy and procedure and that their investigation is closed.

“I think there should have been another method of dealing with that threat,” said King. “I loved that dog with all my heart.”


The Officer claimed he perceived himself in danger, then why did he not use a Taser or pepper spray as they would a Human?? Is it not true that Law Enforcement uses deadly force on a human as a last resort?

This could easily happen to any one of us. How many times has your Labrador barked at people walking by, or the mail man or even kids getting off the school bus. Anyone from the outside could “perceive” your furry loved one to be a threat, but we know that is not the case.

Imagine your home alarm going off and the police respond to it. Your Lab is going to be on high alert as is because of the alarm. Are we now supposed to have signs in our yard letting police know not to shoot our dogs??

Several Facebook pages have spawned up for all these type of shootings and it seems to becoming a recurring issue. It is clearly apparent that Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures need to revised and addressed or this kind of senseless killing will keep happening. In addition a Blog called Cops Shooting Dogs is recording all the dog shootings across the US. Here you can see all the Facebook pages that are up due to Law Enforcement shooting pets.

Policies and Procedures need to be changed and It’s a Lab Thing stands behind this cause and believes that more light needs to be shed on this issue.

Show your support for this cause and sign these petitions:


State of Georgia Police K9 Bill of Rights

National Petition


Justice for Luke Facebook Page

Cops Shooting Dogs


28 Responses

  1. sheila

    OMG my chocolate lab is my baby, I would be sooooo upset if the cops shoot my lab, oh how sad 🙁

  2. Sue Ingham on Facebook

    As much as I agree with the statements, also appreciate that I would hope that the shootings are never intentional but when “situations” arise, tensions run high, people are fearful for their lives (and not necessarily from the dogs themselves) but of what the occupants or people they are dealing with may do, sometimes “innocents” are maimed/killed. Even the mostly highly trained and skilled are still human.

  3. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    I am sure we have some Law Enforcement that are LABfans in here. If you could help us get a better understanding of the policies, that would be great or let us know your thoughts on these type of situations. We understand that you need to protect yourself, but is there a better way?

  4. Sue Poppert on Facebook

    This breaks my heart … I have three very loveable labs. I am going to get a sign that says, “Caution … loveable lab zone inside” and hang it outside by the front door asap. I would be beside myself if one of my babies got hurt.

  5. Dale Anonsen on Facebook

    Where is the responsibility for the individual who set of its own alarm off and left the door to his residence unlocked? if you’re going to have an alarm you need to know that if it goes off the police are going to respond and the logical thought is that someone is breaking into the house therefore there going to have their guns drawn while they check the residents if a dog came at me snarling and growling I don’t know that I would be able to decide whether or not the dog was hostel or just growling it’s a tough call and you need to put yourself in the police officer shoes and not just automatically assume that he’s just trigger happy

    • kara king

      I knew Luke for 7 years- he was my father’s best friend. In that time I had never seen him growl at a single person. He has never even acted vicious towards a cat. If you are a lab lover then you should know that they are not agressive animals. The officer in question blatantly LIED on the police report as my father can tell you. His home is small, he would have heard an officer announcing himself. I know Luke and I can say with almost 100% certainty that he was not even moving towards the officer. He was probably wagging his tail. I was in the hospital and my son was in the NICU when my father set off the alarm. He was waiting by the front door to show the police his ID when a trigger happy officer basically snuck into his house and shot his (non aggressive) dog.

  6. Robby King

    Thank you for running this story. My heart is broken and my life is devastated over the loss of Luke. I want to go on record saying that I have always supported law enforcement but I was present at the time and have formally disputed many of the “facts” in the police report. There was evidence everywhere that there were dogs present. I was a mere 30′ feet or so from the door when the officer supposedly announced in a loud voice- it never happened. It had the opportunity to close 3 doors in quick succession (the back door and 2 glass ones) and chose not to. There was not “shot” then delay then another shot! At least 10 other people here witnessed the extremely quick “pop pop” of the weapon and it was over! No warning shot, no yelling for Luke to stop, no pepper spray, baton, tazer or mace! Luke never had a chance! Killing him shouldn’t have been an option. This is happening at an alarming rate acroos our country and MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  7. Morressa Leigh Wagner on Facebook

    I have 2 lab mixes and a pure-bred lab. They are my babies. The youngest one,10 month old Angus, is a black lab/husky mix and he is my life. My 12 y/o is a yellow lab/Golden R. Mix. Sugar is a sweetheart,loves to smile,but many people think that her toothy smile is a snarl. And then the middle child is my chocolate girl,Maggie. She is the smallest of the bunch, but she is spunky :). I would be devastated if any of my fur kids were hurt or killed by a cop. What would you do if a total stranger came busting through your back door. Come on people, have some stinking common sense.

  8. Evdon Stogner

    In support of Justice for Luke and all of the others I read about on this page.

  9. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Dale Anonsen Was lethal force really needed? I see or hear of drunk people fighting cops, but they are never shot. Don’t officers feel threatened by them? They are usually tased or sprayed. What is so different with an animal? The bottom line is that policies and procedures need to addressed and changed with regards to how people’s pets are handled in this type of situation.

  10. Stacy

    I’m so lucky UK police are unarmed and would have the sense to realise the dog is protecting the property. A lab doesn’t know the difference between a cop and a burglar. Our lab Charlie actually frightened off burglars before they got too much stuff, and I’m so glad he did.

  11. Troy Chaudoir on Facebook

    So…this douche bag is supposedly “trained” is self defense and close quarters hand to hand combat yet is unable to protect himself from a Chocolate Labrador Retriever…I would be afraid knowing this penis is protecting the public in my area and secondly, I would probably have an assault of a police officer on my record…

  12. christine

    I am so glad that brit cops do not have guns. Poor Luke did not deserve to die!!

  13. Patty

    This is something I have read about way too many times. Cops shooting dogs, family pets, in their own home or yard. I think they need at least as much training as a person who brings in lost or abandoned dogs of all types and temperments without killing them. Personally I think they are shooting people way too quickly too. I am beginning to worry that there are creeps that became cops just to leagally shoot people and animals. On the subject of tasering a dog.. when they do it, the dog generally becomes more “agressive” “uncontrolable” and they “are forced to then shoot it”. A dog doesn’t realize anything about a taser other then it is hurting it. The natural pain reaction of most animals is to either try getting away or to fight back. I’m signing the petition because I am sick of good dogs being shot.

  14. susan newton

    I own 2 choccy Lab Retreivers and there is no way on Gods earth did Luke try to attack the police officer with intent to harm him its just not in this breed of dog to act like that poor Luke died at the hands of a trigger happy cop who I hope is pleased with himself for the hurt and upset he has caused Lukes family Luke did not deserve to die I hope you are proud of yourself

  15. Robby King

    To those protecting the one that shot Luke- the bottom line is he didn’t have to. He had pepper spray on his belt and plenty of time to use it. Research the rest of these cases it’s always the same story including one from 2 years ago when officers entered a home on an alarm call and shot an 11 y/o arthritic lab then left the owner a note. If you’re really that scared of a dog then it might be time to choose another profession! People are the real danger and you can’t get away with shooting them because you feel threatened. This “professional” that was “just doing his job” never asked for my id or who I was when I came running out of the house. They also never came in to “clear the house” after killing Luke! I could have had the owner tied up inside. I have saved so many links on my computer to this kind of thing happening that is sickening. NOT ALL POLICE OFFICERS WILL SHOOT A DOG AT WILL BUT SOME DO BECAUSE THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES. Laws need to be changed, training implemented and consequences for killing a dog for no good reason given.