Labrador Chasing Deer

Max did not expect his Black Labrador ‘Fenton’ to be caught on camera chasing the deer in Richmond Park. Looks like Fenton may have been in the Dog house after this episode.

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36 Responses

  1. Liane Michell on Facebook

    OMG… that was so funny. I can just see our 2 black labs doing that! Lynn… sorry for your loss, I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll cope when time comes for our boys. I’m sure he gave you lots of love and memories.

  2. Virginia Clark on Facebook

    Be careful of chasing deer in Nov rut – our huge yellow lab Middie, 120 pounds, got gored by a buck defending his harem in our backyard in Villanova, PA. Middie survived as the antlers missed his kidneys, spine, and eyes- Bucks can be very aggressive even with humans too

  3. Peggy Bond

    This was so funny! Our Zoey would have a ball playing with the deer like Fenton did. 🙂

  4. Joanna Hopkins

    glad to see someone elses’ lab being disobedient, I thought it was just mine that had an independent streak!

  5. Linda DeLong

    I lived in VT for many years, and was informed early on in my Lab’s life that running deer was a “naughty” that might get my dog shot. Fortunately, that dog had no hunting drive.

  6. Vicky

    How funny! I wish we could post pics here….. we have Fenton being a “normal” lab…… then we have my Bella, lying on the patio, petrified and not moving a muscle, with a doe standing in the yard, not 10′ away from her.

  7. chris

    Why is this funny ? See the Deer all running panicked across the road, wonder if you think it would be so funny if Deer, dog, and people got hurt, hit by cars, cause you can’t control your dog ? If your dog is going to chase wildlife then PUT IT ON LEASH.

    Be a responsible dog owner !