2013 is here and It’s a Lab Thing™ (ILT) wants you to know that we have a lot of new things that we will be working on to make ILT even better for all our LABfans.

New Logo


First off, I want to introduce you to our new logo. As much as I loved the original, we needed something a little bit cleaner. With this new logo we will be able to print T-Shirts, magnets and other stuff a lot easier and a lot more cost effective too. So I hope you like it because it is here to stay :).

Pick of the Litter – The Labrador Rescue & Breeder Global Guide


We will be launching our much anticipated Labrador Rescue and Breeder Global Guide. I am positive that our guide will be one of a kind. All Those that have signed up first will get first crack at it. Above you can see just a snippet of how a Labrador Rescue or Breeder listing will look like. We hope to incorporate Labrador vendors and services later in the year as well to give you the most comprehensive GLOBAL guide. From our website to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… you will get the best exposure possible.

LABoratory Reviews

its a lab thing logo labratory smallIt goes without saying that this was one of our most popular features and we will continue to put those products and services to the test so we can save you some time on what you might like to have.

Pro & Amateur Photographer Showcases

It is no secret that one of the reasons so many of you visit our site is to look at the pictures of all the sweet and awesome Labradors. We want to make 2013 all about it. In the coming weeks we will be giving an open invite to all those professional, semi-pro and amateur photographers to be a part of ILT and showcase their awesome talent. Don’t worry we will always continue to show our LABfan’s pictures. Look out for tutorials to help better your chances to getting your Labbies shown so keep them coming.


It’s a Lab Thing has a whole host of causes that they love and want to bring awareness to. From Rescuing to Health. We will be looking to bring more light to those that carry a strong merit and benefit the Labrador.

Contributing Authors

I can not tell you how grateful I am for contributing authors. They have helped me tremendously with articles, advice and whatever it is that they can help out with. In 2013 we will also be opening the doors in the coming weeks to Vets, Rescues, Breeders, Trainers and Photographers that would be interested in becoming a contributing author.

Website Performance (Techie Nerd Stuff)

As we grow, the demand on our website has grown. Me being the techie that I am, I just was not happy with the performance. Because we have so many LABfans Worldwide it is important that you guys get what you want quick and without issue. This is important to me. So we have switched hosting companies and will be doing an array improvements to boost the performance of our site.

So that is it for now. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see and thanks again for supporting It’s a Lab Thing! We look forward to celebrating the Labrador Retriever even more in 2013.


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  1. Kathy

    I love the new logo. Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated!!!!!!!!!