Question comes from LABfan Jessica

[quote]Hi, I have a 8 month old lab pup thats afraid of water, Can you give me some advice on getting him over it, Thanks.[/quote]

Any Suggestions or advise for Jessica? 

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  1. Carol Haynes

    The way my lab learned was to play with older dogs in the water. She was taught by my best friend’s parent’s dog how to swim. One day they were playing near a pond and he went in to get a ball and she followed him right in. We praised her like crazy and then after that there was no stopping her.

  2. Terri Jane Aspden on Facebook

    Hi guys, my youngest lab was scared of water when he was that age, (he’s three now) my advice would be just leave him too it and he’ll go in when he’s ready, about a year ago he just started jumping in himself when we where out with his other doggy friends on a walk and he’s now going in all the time, I think if you try and force them in it’ll just make them more scared.

  3. Vicky Southern on Facebook

    I have two labs, my boy loves the water and will go in really deep, my girl loves to splash around the edge but as soon as the water reaches her chest nothing will persuade her to go any further. Luckily my boy will retrieve any of her tennis balls that we accidentally throw too far for her. We actually prefer that she doesn’t swim tho as she is epileptic and it would be dangerous if she had a seizure in deep water x

  4. Diane Zaayenga on Facebook

    I agree…just give him some time. If you have anywhere that is “shallow”..let him get a feel of that first. Perhaps a big pond or lake is a bit threatening to him yet. And it “does” help to have another dog that is already used to the water to help your pup along. We had a golden retriever ( r.i.p.) that helped our lab.

  5. Tammy Risto on Facebook

    We have a yellow lab, who does not like to walk in… But will jump off a dock??? It has me confused! Lol she will walk in and get toes wet but will not go further… But will walk back in to shore the same place she would have to walk out!!!

  6. Robin Molleo on Facebook

    I started with a tennis ball and just rolled it near the water and every few days we got closer and closer. Now, I believe he’s part fish….I call him “lab-a-fish”! 🙂

  7. Gaye Petrea-Pierce on Facebook

    My first lab hated lakes, fivers and ponds. Would walk in just until the water got to his chest and then run out – done deal. Tried sticks, balls and bumpers – nothing. Tried a kiddy pool – that turned into a big water bowl and all he would do is walk through it. My inlaws had an above ground 5′ deep pool with a deck around it – COULDN’T KEEP HIM OUT OF IT!!! He’d dive in and you had to get in with him to drag him out. We figured it was either he didn’t like the feel of the wet sand in the lake or river giving out underneath his feet or if it was murky water, he couldn’t see the bottom and that freaked him out. Find someone with a backyard pool and try that. Lab I have now was swimming in his water bowl the first day I brought him home and will try to swim in a 2″ puddle and he’s 10 now.

  8. Jodi Williams on Facebook

    mine did not like the water when they were puppies, we kept taking them to the lake and one day they went in and now I can’t keep them out of the water! Time and patience 🙂

  9. Danielle R. Pellicci on Facebook

    If you can find another dog to play with in the water that likes to swim – you’ll probably have great success… also, don’t push the issue ESPECIALLY in water with a steep drop off or in water with waves (beach) …. the best introduction in a positive way is a calm body of water with a gradual slope in so your pup can feel secure. Good Luck!

  10. Carole McMillan on Facebook

    My two labs only paddle they will not swim and go out of their depth my 5 year old black lab loves the water but I have tried floating toys and even thrown chews to tempt them I’m really sad I cant get them swimming

  11. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    I agree with Danielle R. Pellicci . Saban our lab rescue was very reluctant to get in the kiddie pool with Brody. I figured he would get in when he was ready. It wasn’t until one day on a walk in our neighborhood that I decided to let Brody get in the lake. Saban could not stand all the fun his brother was having and in a matter of minutes Saban was jumping in. I guess it can take some time to awaken the inner Lab.

  12. Ann Moxley on Facebook

    My Lab doesn’t like water at all. He w alks around puddles, and if it rains….He won’t go outside, or do his business. I take him to the pool 3 times a week, (he’s a Service Dog), and he wouldn’t consider going in the pool. Even Labs are like people…everyone is different. My brothers dog, is very worried and makes his worry known when he sees his buddy dog in the lake and loving it.

  13. Tina

    I have 2 yellow labs. My oldest one fell in the pool while my son was cleaning it and immediately started jumping in at every opportunity. The second one, at 7 month would pace back and forth, watching us all swim. One day he stepped down on the first step. My husband pulled him in and one month later, I can’t keep him out of the pool. My 18-mo old can jump almost to the other side of the pool, but only swims above water. The 8 mo old won’t jump, but will dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve tennis balls, toys, or just to check and see what the kids are doing. If possible, start your lab in a pool. It’s not as overwhelming as a lake or ocean. And….be careful what you wish for!! Haha. Good Luck.

  14. Lisa Tompkins James on Facebook

    My black lab, Benson, loved water but was a typical ‘non swimmer’ ie had to have his feet on the bottom of the pool/lake at all times until I took him with another lab who swam and swam. Like Saban’s owner said, once he saw his mate having so much fun he took the plunge and we’ve never looked back – he loves swimming now!! PS I actually was asked once if he was a ‘proper’ lab because ALL labs like swimming!? Bl**min’ cheek!!

  15. Lisa

    My 11 yr black lab doesnt like water. Onyx is a rescue dog and his previous owner threw him in the ocean when he was stationed in parris island and tried to drown him. Since then Onyx has suffered from chronic ear infection. If his feet gets wet after a rain or being in snow he will lick them dry and wants to be dried off as soon as Onyx is comes in the house. Years later now I also found out the previous owner through him againest the wall broke his ribs and tail. He even has issues with men in uniform.

  16. laura

    My owner is a 4 year old American Black Lab he has never liked the water. he will go in up to his chest and thats it. I dont know or understand why my sons lab wont stay out of the water. Now if I go in the water he will go but get upset with me if I dont go back with him to the shore. He dont leave my side I have MS but he was never trained as a serves dog. I guess he just knows.He takes GREAT care of me..

  17. Lucy

    We have two female labs( have had 4 all together). Our black girl can’t stand the water. Will stay as far away as possible, even at our pool. She will walk in to the small brook that runs by our home but only as long as the water is calm, clear, and only ankle deep. When it rains and you can hear the difference in the water sound she will not go near it. Not sure what happened or why but even as a puppy she didn’t like it. Our yellow female likes water but on her terms. She will sit by the pool but will not venture in and will run if you even try to call her over to it while we are in it. However during our walks by the brook, she finds paths and runs in and out of it sticking her nose in and drinking it. We haven’t had the opportunity to take her to a lake or river to see if she would like that or even swim. Our first two labs(mother and son) loved the water…any water….but our pool was their favorite. Couldn’t keep them out of it. We have yet to figure out the differences with them all. I’d love some suggestions as well. We don’t have any other friends dogs that are swimming dogs so we have no one to show them anything.

  18. John

    New 4 year old English lab. Flown in today. Will not get out of crate and will not come out for anyone. I paid a great deal of money for him for. Duck hunting. Need advice please!

  19. Rowan

    Hi my black lab Murphy is 1 in Feb. I want him to swim with me and he just wont come in. ive tried everything food, pulling, incurrerging him and even a boggie board i do think it is because the steps are to low so i tried the boogie board but nothing is working please anyone help. well he did jump in as a baby with excitement so what do i do HELP.