LABfan Laura has a 17 week old Lab, named Penny that is teething.


[quoteicon author=”LABfan Laura”]She has lost a couple from the front row already. She is chewing everything in sight to get some relief (including me!) I’ve bought things designed to massage her gums, and given her frozen rags and ice etc. Is there anything else anyone would recommend?

Also…when teething is finished, do Labs generally stop the constant biting? Any advice appreciated :)”[/quoteicon]


The answer is that there really is no direct solution. Every Labrador puppy goes through teething differently and you just need to find the right tactic that works best for Penny. Brody wasn’t a big chewer, he was a Nipper. We constantly had Brody occupied with something to chew on, but like any Labrador Puppy he had his moments. That is why they are so freaking cute.


What tips, tactics and suggestions do you have for LABfan Laura.

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  1. Kim

    Antlers! They are a life saver. I do animal rescue and have fosters come and go and they all gravitate towards the antlers. I keep several on hand and they wear down slowly. My Lab loves them as well!

  2. Linda

    ice cubes, frozen carrots, Nylabones, lots of exercise, lots of patience and baby gates. We had to contain her every second of every day for months. When we were home, she was given access only to the rooms where we were so we could stop the chewing. We had to remove our wooden kitchen chairs and use aluminum folding chairs for 2 months. It was well worth the struggle … 3 years later and she’s an angel.

  3. Chrissy

    I bought this spray from pet smart for mine and she didnt chew anything other than what i designated her to chew. she does love her antlers though they r by far her favorite! but the spray helps from chewing furniture and other things she should not be chewing.

  4. Jacqueline Vandeweghe on Facebook

    This is a VERY OLD remedy handed down to me by my Mother. Simply take an old was cloth or dish towel soak it completely with water-twist it into a pretsrl kinda shape and freeze it! Give the frozen towel/toy to your pup & watch them enjoy & the frozen part is very soothing while they’re teething!

  5. Linda Coyne on Facebook

    I agree Nancy. We always provided our Lab pups with those hard Kong toys to chew and we also took one of my husbands old socks and stretched it out and tied it in knots and the pups played with that.

  6. Sharol

    I have raised quite a few puppies ,And I find the rawhide chew toys work well,or if you can find a butcher that will cut beef bones for you,keep them frozen until you need a new one, my vets always comment on my dogs great teeth and gums and they both have a fresh beef bone to chew at least once a week.Make sure your pup has lots of exercise ,so he isn`t chewing from boredom.

  7. Deborah Woods on Facebook

    You should see my kitchen baseboard and door frames! Best to crate them when you cannot watch every second. The biting does stop after awhile. Be patient and give lots of love! Good luck!

  8. Melvita Montegrande Jensma on Facebook

    I used to give my lab rawhide bone from pet smart. It is good for those puppy teething and it keeps them busy! We started giving it to her as soon as she started teething. She never ever chewed any of our things (shoes, furniture etc.) she just loves sock but doesn’t chew it, just loves to play with it.

  9. Bryan

    I have to agree deer antlers has worked wonders for both of our labs. They last much much longer than the rawhide or store bought bones, they are perfectly safe until they get worn down too small or get pointy. I use a bench grinder to grind the points down flat so they don’t stab themselves with the antlers. One antler will easily last 6months or more with our labs. If you live near any deer just hike out in the woods and look for shed antlers, deer shed them every year so some hiking and you should be able to locate some.

    The other thing that has worked well is the kong toys that you can put peanut butter inside and they’ll lay and lick on the toy for hours. That has saved us many pairs of shoes and anything else they can get their teeth on.

  10. Pam

    I would never recommend a “real” bone. I had a Spitz puppy that had to have emergency surgery from getting little pieces off and had to have boiled chicken the rest of his life. (which he didn’t mind) My lab puppy liked biting at my face more than anything when he was teething. I used rawhides, Nyla bones and toys. He never bothered any of the furniture and only one time picked up a shoe and I yelled at him and that was the only time. Be patient, she will outgrow it. I saw the movie, Marley and Me and was amazed to learn that some labs are so destructive. Mine has been quite the opposite.

  11. Lauren

    I had good luck with washcloths soaked in chicken broth then frozen and lots of exercise. Àlso frozen marrow bones, rawhide is not good for dogs, they don’t digest it well. Good luck!

  12. CL

    Nylabones. Lots of them. With Labs, you either get a chewer or a digger. You got a chewer.

    Good Luck,

    Owner of a 7yr old Chocolate Chewer

  13. Arlene Marrinan

    keep a wet washcloth in the freezer – great for chewing on. and YES to antlers…start with the split ones for puppies. And Bitter Apple for all the things you don’t want chewed 🙂
    Good Luck!

    Owner of Sully, a 9 mo old lab, a former chewer

  14. Janet

    Dear Labby, We have a Black Lab Who is afrats to go swimming. He plays in the rain fine, but when we take him to the doggy park, e wyll not go near the water.Also he is afraid of storms. He trembles and shivers and htdes under my bed.T feel so bad for htm, but no amount of lovtng I give him Does not stop the trembling. Do you know what I can do to help him. Otherwise he is the sweetest dog and very loving and we love him dearly