It's a Lab Thing Yard Brownies

Dog Eating Poop

A LABfan sent in this totally cute picture of a Black Lab Puppy, named Molly who had a piece of Poop on her paws as if she was preparing to gobble up her tasty Yard Brownie. I am not gonna lie, Brody has had this problem of eating poop and for awhile there we had to actually watch him go to the bathroom.

He would also ask to go out even though he already went, but he was just looking for an appetizer. LoL. He have since had any issues, because Brody has learned that eating dog poop is a No-No. Awww they learn.

What Experiences have you had with your Lab eating Poop?

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3 Responses

  1. Joanna Hopkins

    My Chocolate lab Bessie doesn’t eat hers or her Collie “sister’s” but I have to watch the cat box like a hawk, and have to watch her when we’re out to keep her away from sheep poo, I’ll try Colleen Cahill’s potassium idea.

  2. Tricia Gibson

    Our two year old male yellow lab named Simba has eaten his poop from the day we brought him home. I have spoken to the vet about it and she advised it is not due to a lack of potassium or anything lacking anything in his diet, they are just animals and you just have to try to catch them and correct the behaviour.

  3. Brandy

    My 4 yr old started eating poop suddenly in November last year. He has lost some weight so we were wondering if that was a cause. He will eat any dog’s poop even his little sister’s and his own. It is also strange that we got his sister in March and he didn’t start this until 8 months later. I have tried all kinds of things food and training related. The only thing I can do is go out with him everytime and keep the yard clean. We can no longer go to the dog park because he is more interested in poop hunting than playing with the other dogs. Has anyone been able to “break” their dog from this? I know he is a dog but It has become an obsession for him that later makes him vomit which is a whole different ball game! Any ideas? Thanks.