Watch Dock Diving Point of View Lab Style.  Watch Donner Dock Dive with his LABcam.  Sheesh try saying that 3 times real fast. An awesome perspective in seeing in the eyes of a Lab.

Do you have any SUPER cool videos of your Lab??

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  1. Susan Hawkins Pinder on Facebook

    This video is really awesome! Great idea to get a Lab’s perspective when swimming after a tennis ball, my Chocolate Lab retrieves her tennis ball in a nearby fresh water lake. Thanks Donner!

  2. mark

    Thanks all !!!!! Donner rested for a whole day after this filming!! We are planning one more trip to the eastshore of tahoe soon to re-film the jumps off the natural rocks out there. One called bonsai rock has launches from 5-15 feet up. cant wait to get that on film.