Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, our furry counterparts are just as varied. Large breed dogs such as Labs and others that tip the scales at 50 lbs. plus need a place to crash that’s comfy, allows them to relax naturally, and can support their heftier weights. The question is, though, what qualities should a dog bed geared for extra-large breeds possess? Searching for the right dog bed in the past might have been an exercise in frustration for most Lab parents. Cheaply made beds that don’t last, potentially unsafe materials, and beds that are just plain ugly are a few of the challenges facing loving Labrador moms and dads.

3 Shades of Dog It's a Lab Thing Brody Cord dog Bed

To weed through the mass-produced junk and find the perfect bed for your canine companion, stick to some easy to remember principles:
  • Quality construction. A large breed dog bed that lasts will be constructed with the best materials and methods of assembly. Avoid beds that have the hallmarks of poor quality – less than perfect stitching, sharp edges, and uneven fill for the bed itself.
  • Stain, spill, and odor resistant fabric. Let’s be real: dogs are lovable, and also messy. Whether it’s drool, water, goobers, or any other delightful type of moisture, you want your dog bed to be made with fabric that’s up to the challenge. Just as humans need to wash their bedding, the same is true for our four legged friends, perhaps more so. Choose a bed with fabric that is soft, durable, stain-proof and machine washable.
  • Allergy-free and eco-friendly fill. So many Labradors  and people suffer from chemical allergies these days, having a dog bed made with allergen-free fill and materials is a must. Avoid dog beds that do not plainly show what their fill is made from, have any kind of chemical odor, or aren’t advertised as being eco-friendly.
  • Support for weight and joints. Large dog breeds can suffer from joint discomfort and arthritis, especially with advancing age. A bed that can offer comfortable support can sustain your dog’s mobility longer, offer better sleep, and keep them healthier.
  • Attractive design. Okay, this may seem more important to humans than dogs, but really, if your dog bed is an eye-sore that you just want to squirrel away any time company comes over, it’s time to rethink this feature. Look for a dog bed in rich, decorative patterns and colors that will blend seamlessly with your décor.
  • Tested and Dog-Approved. Each bed adheres to strict quality standards, solid construction, and is dog-evaluated on its appeal, safety, and function.
  • Worth the price. Luxury dog beds that are made from the best materials and are well constructed will always cost more than their inferior competition. Investing more in a dog bed that lasts years is worth the extra money for your dog’s health, comfort, and your own peace of mind.[/heartlist]

It's a Lab Thing 3 Shades of Dog Bed Green Trellis

Take a little time, do your research, and we are sure you’ll find the perfect bed for your fur babies to curl up in and feel warm, safe, and secure!

What Kind of Dog Bed do You Like for your Lab?


16 Responses

  1. Andrea

    Shamrock (the world’s best black lab) likes extra-large, orthopedic beds with a bolster. He likes soft fabric, but not sheepskin. It needs to be green, because he’s, well, a Shamrock! He has a lame leg, or I’m sure he would get on my bed. But… he needs his own.

  2. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Jean Clermont lol. Sometimes they need a place to sleep when they are not in the living room or bedroom. I have to have them for my office. other than that, it is the couch or bed. 😉

  3. Cindy McConnell on Facebook

    I have the orthopedic beds also with bolster. They are 4 in. thick and keep my 14 yr old Lab comfy. Dr’s Foster and Smith have a nice selection. I lay nice soft blankets in them and wash them every week. It saves on having to wash the covering all the time 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Orthopedic foam beds from Orvis, for our 14 yr. old lab who can no longer climb on the bed. They last and the removable covers wash up like a dream. Our younger labs (1 & 2) sleep in bed with us.

  5. Melly

    Our Lab loves her orthopaedic bed!! that she lays on while we watch tv in the lving room and she also has her own bed in our bedroom. She is not allow on our bed because she is way too big to be on the bed with us BUT she loves our love seats or our big couch to lay on. I Heart her so much!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Cindy Cunningham

    English labs are heavier and bigger and sleeping in my bed is impossible. They need a GOOD bed!! I made my donation to this good cause & hope I win one because I had to put my 12 yr old English lab to sleep and am patiently awaiting a new lab puppy!

  7. Joe from Here

    I just buy a cheapo fleece blanket for $6 from Walmart – and cover the couches with it. He snores and runs and dreams, so I figure the old black lab is comfy enough . . .

    when it gets dirty, throw it in the washer – keeps the couches free of lab slime . . . .

  8. Kasbeard

    Recycle and reuse I took an old feather bed topper folded in quarters and put it in one of those fleece blankets with fake sheep on one side and put buttons down the side I cut open and instant compfy dog be that has a washable cover and my lab loves it total cost I already had every thing and had used everything a lot so zero total return: priceless my boy has the best bed

  9. Mary

    I’ve bought beds for my lab but I can’t get him to sleep on them. He prefers the hard floor.