I’m Posting my Lab Pictures but they are disappearing

I often get emails and direct questions on where Labrador pictures that LABfans post go to on It’s a Lab Thing’s Facebook page. Some ask if I delete them. I never delete pictures unless they are completely inappropriate.

It's_a_Lab_Thing_Posting_Labrador_Pictures_Facebook It's_a_Lab_Thing_FAQ_Labrador_Pictures_Facebook_What you may or may not know is that Facebook changed the way Business Pages work and display on their wall feeds. Now instead of your posts going directly to the wall, it goes to the “Recent Posts” section. If you need help with How to Upload Your Labrador Picture just click this highlighted link.

Make sure you go check out other It’s a Lab Thing Lab Fan pictures in that section too!

Did you know that your Labrador Pictures went to the Recent Posts?