Padua 2013-1-2

FotoCoach Italy with It’s a Lab Thing and Andy Biggar

has come and gone, but our memories, lessons and friendships will last forever.

It's a Lab Thing Labradors FotoCoach Italy 2013-59 001

The Morning Lesson

After a cup or two of Espresso, we started our morning with a very in depth session on the building blocks to great photography. Andy Biggar is a natural teacher and made understanding what it takes to create great pictures incredibly easy. Classroom time lasted for a couple of hours and then it was off to put what we learned to the test.

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Field Practice

In the garden (backyard) of Pesavento Estate, we set up our first line of shooting scenario. Andy Biggar was extremely hands on every second of our practice, constantly challenging us with our shots. We took what we learned and applied it and if there was a hiccup, Andy was there to give us a tip or ask us how we got to that shot. After a couple hours of field practice, it was time to check out our pictures and then eat one awesome lunch cooked by the Pesavento Sisters, Michela and Elena.

It's a Lab Thing Labradors FotoCoach Italy 201300 It's a Lab Thing FotoCoach Photography Class Italy

After lunch, it was back to work. Our next group of dog models showed up and it was off we went. Shot after shot, the hours quickly rolled by and you could just see everyone’s intensity notched up a bit. We were learning, applying what was taught to us and seeing the results. The best thing about all of this was that we were having so much fun in the process. We got to exchange tips and critique with our fellow FotoCoachers that was invaluable in the learning process, all the time while our friendships and bonds grew during the experience. Once we were done, we headed back to go over our images and even have a contest  judged by our peers. I can honestly say that it was amazing to see the difference in the pictures from the morning session to the afternoon session.

It's a Lab Thing Labradors FotoCoach Italy 20130 It's a Lab Thing Labradors FotoCoach Italy 2013-494

We wrapped up the day with one heck of a dinner at the farm hosted by Michela and her husband of Fattoria Lungargine. Wine, beer, cheese and some amazing food was just the backdrop to an awesome night of socializing and laughing about the days sessions. Day 2 got more in depth and Andy challenged us even more, pushing us and our work to the next level. Then as much as I did not want it to end, it had to. Exhausted, but man was it worth it.

Fattoria Lungargine Padova padua Italy

Thank You

I have to thank everyone that participated and helped with FotoCoach Italy. I think we can honestly say that it was a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Thank you to all the awesome Labrador and Dog models and their parents for bringing them over. They were all a treat to work with.

I have to give a super huge Thank You to the Pesavento Family for opening their doors to us and treating us like family during our stay and time there. It truly made the experience special. If you are ever in Padua, Italy make sure you stop by La Fattoria Lungargine.

Lastly, I want to give a great big Thank You to Andy Biggar. He is breaking the boundaries of how photography needs to be looked at, approached and taught. His knack for teaching is invaluable and I can not wait until the next FotoCoach.  Stay Tuned!!