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It’s a Lab Thing FotoCoach with Andy Biggar Launch

FotoCoach first classes went off without a hitch yesterday!! I was extremely pleased at all the positive feedback we have been getting from LABfans and now FotoCoach Fans.  I will admit. I did not get much sleep the night before as I was a bit nervous. After all this was both Andy and I’s first crack at hosting a Webinar. I want to thank everyone that participated. I truly hope we were able to add a totally new perspective to how you shoot photography and get you off that dreaded Automatic Mode. After all that is why you bought that fancy camera.


How FotoCoach Works

Just in case you want to know exactly what the FotoCoach Webinars are and how they work Andy explained it best:

  • Andy and It’s a Lab Thing will be running a series of Dog Photography Webinars live on the internet so you can view them anywhere,they are starting right at the basics and go right through to quite detailed information on how to improve your photography. Particularly your Dog Photography
  • The Webinars last for around one and a half hours and cost for The Fundamentals was $20.00!!!
  • The webinars include slides and downloads to make it easy to follow and the attendees can interact and ask questions during the Webinar and afterwards.
  • The Webinars will be available for the people who have registered to view again and again at their leisure on iphone’s,Tablets etc.


Thank You

I know we had some hiccups along the way with the registration process and I will make sure that the next time, there will be no issues. I am also looking into an even better Webinar Classroom software so that we can begin to incorporate video as well.

I again want to THANK everyone that participated with FotoCoach with Andy Biggar: The Fundamentals yesterday. A huge THANK YOU to Andy Biggar for his time. We already have future segments in the works so stay tuned.

I will have the recorded version available in the coming days so all that registered can go back and review and those that missed out can come see what was taught.

Don’t Forget what you Learned and get out there and Practice. Remember, your Homework is due in a couple weeks.


4 Responses

  1. Andy Biggar

    Thank you so much to It’s A Lab Thing for putting the Webinar together really enjoyed it and looking forward to many more!!!:)

  2. Elissa Foster

    I was in the 6pm webinar and loved it. I have been trying to get the downloads of the information so I can print them out, there was so much great information.