[intro-paragraph]You know it is going to be both a good day and a crazy one when you show up to set up and there is a line of people waiting for the Christmas Puppies…[/intro-paragraph]

Its a Lab Thing™ was there in full effect at Labrador Friends of the South’s Annual Holiday Party. I was a proud parent as Brody and Saban got so many compliments on their behavior. If they only knew. LoL.

My Sweet Crystal was adopted along with her other brothers and sisters. I know there was a quite of bit of heartbreak among the the many who could not adopt the Labrador they wanted in time.

 Brody won his round of the Dunking for Hot Dog event. No surprise there. When he was done with his he decided to go help his other friends out with theirs as well. Total Adopted since 2006. Awesome!!

Elena sporting our newly designed Labrador Friends of the South shirts by yours truly 🙂

Kids galore giving their Love to all the Labbies. I always enjoy watching their faces light up.

Big Sweet Bodie is looking for a Special Forever Home. You can check out his profile by clicking here: Bodie of LFS

 Charleston was a Foster Flunkie and we saw quite a few of those this year. You could call it the year of the Foster Flunkie. Charleston just about sums it up how I think we all felt at the end of the day.

All in all, I would have to say that Labrador Friends of the South’s Holiday Party went off without a hitch and I am looking forward to another and many more years to come with them.


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  1. Kathy Anderson on Facebook

    I am sol glad to have found this site. We have a wonderful rescue Lab named Tucker. He is 9 years old and still acts like a puppy. I’m particularly interested in the allergy info. We’re still experimenting, but things seem to be improving.