Thousands of Labrador Retriever Fans Join New Website and Community In just 3 months since launch, It’s a Lab Thing’s 9,000+ site visitors and 10,000+ Facebook fans are sharing Lab puppy photos, Lab care tips, Lab rescue information, funny Lab dog names and much more !

Roswell, Georgia September 12, 2012 – What started out as a personal labor of Lab love has turned into one of the fastest growing super-niche pet communities of 2012. The co-founders of It’s A Lab Thing have been astounded by the enthusiastic response to their Lab photos, “Dear Labby” advice column, Lab rescue information, products, facts and other Labrador Retriever-focused content. Their Facebook Fan Page just reached over 10,000 Likes, primarily through organic traffic and viral sharing.

“We knew lab fans were a passionate bunch, but we never expected this kind of response to our new blog and website,” said Karen Rodriguez, co-founder of It’s a Lab Thing. “For instance, our custom designed iPhone cases for Lab fans have been featured on and Plus each day, we find our blog visitors and Facebook fans helping each other with lab-training advice and other pet care tips. We’re getting ready to introduce several new features as well.”

Since its soft launch in June, It’ has generated the following interest online, confirming that people will flock to super-niched websites and social pages providing useful and entertaining information along with a community where sharing is encouraged:

  • 9,337 Unique Website Visitors 
  • 41,000 Website Page Views
  • 0,000 Facebook Likes 

Karen and Antonio make it very clear that It’s A Lab Thing is all about celebrating Labrador Retrievers with others while at the same time promoting Lab rescues and responsible breeders to find forever homes for these dogs; and it’s not run by veterinary professionals or trained dog handlers. Visitor-generated content is driving its growth. Antonio noted, “Sometimes we simply re-post a photo someone posted — giving it a fun title or caption always followed by, ‘It’s a Lab Thing’ — and the ‘Likes’ and community conversations take off like wildfire. The same goes for our advice center. Someone posts a question and the community offers suggested solutions. We’ve become friendly moderators for a self-sustaining community for people in over 20 different countries.”

About It’s a Lab Thing

It’s a Lab Thing was created by co-founders and Lab parents Karen and Antonio Rodriguez to offer a special place for people who are absolutely obsessed with Labradors. What started as simply a way for them to contribute their time and expertise to help local non-profit organization Labrador Friends of the South, ended up changing their lives and they discovered their calling in life. It’s a Lab Thing is a place to do what lab fans love to do the most; talk, share and discuss Labs. The website offers fun as well as factual general information pertaining to Labrador Retrievers. Lab fans are encouraged to enjoy and share pics, stories, videos, discussions, products and just about anything else that has to do with Labradors, as well as find Lab rescue and responsible breeder info. The It’s a Lab Thing Facebook fan page has more than 10,000 Likes and has spawned a flurry of photo postings and conversations. For more information, visit and

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