Wow… Taking a look back at It’s a Lab Thing’s Facebook Covers. So much fun.

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Tight Places[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Blackfoot Kennels showing us how easy it is to have fun with our Lab. “Just Add Water”[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Hinckley Merideth showing us that Labs can be “Calorie Conscious” too.

As in more the merrier![/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Hawkeye, Petty Officer Jon Tumilson’s black Lab that was “Loyal to the End”.

Our troops make the ultimate sacrifice.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]It was amazing to see an exuberant grown Lab instantly transform into a “Mentor” the second they touched noses.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]It is no surprise at what these Labs are capable of doing. Like a Space Shuttle … they “Take Off”[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]There ability to make “Hypnotic Suggestions”. Hypnotic suggestions may be delivered by a well trained Lab in the presence of their human.

FACT: Humans fall prey to this suggestion 90% of the time.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]We have all been at a point in our lives where we have to make a “DIFFICULT DECISION”, and we just don’t know how. We spend countless hours thinking about it, contemplating all the options, and trying to sort out all the complex emotions that go along with the decision. We make pro and con lists, go for long walks, or write down our feelings until we come to a place where we can be comfortable wit

h the decision that we have made. The question is, how can you be sure that it is the right decision, and how can you possibly understand the outcome of something that is as unpredictable as life itself?Answer: You can’t! So just get all three colors. LoL


[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”] FreeHand‘s LABmodel Ernie. With the 4th of July a couple days away and the Labrador being the No.1 Breed in the US …. “Labrador Americana” is just a as American as Apple Pie.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]So while your Labby is living it up over the Summer and having oodles of fun, take Blue’s suggestion and play in the early evening when the day is cooling off for maximum fun.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]LABmodel Charlie shows us how “Persistently Curious” a Lab can be when they want to know “what is going on?” “where did that squirrel go?” “who is that weird guy on my section of the street?” “why is that dog pooping in my yard?”[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Mack shows us that Labs can be very “Adventurous” and always ready for an excursion … usually after their nap.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]LABmodel Brody shows us that our LABs are “Always on Duty”. Whether we are jumping in the lake, swimming in the ocean, checking the mail, doing the laundry, grilling …. They like to keep a watchful eye on us.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Space-time manipulation is the ability to alter the space-time continuum, enabling: Time manipulation (slowing down, reversing, or stopping time).[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]LABmodel: Timothy hits this week’s cover and shows us that there is not a Lab out there that would not pass up a chance for a “Friendly Encounter”.

Tails a Waggin’ … they are coming to meet a new friend.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”] BlackFoot Labradors‘ Mr. Camo brings me back to those “Playful Beginnings” when Brody was just a little furry ball of fun. Fast Forward 3 years and now he is just a BIG furry ball of fun.

What would you do to go back just for 1 day??[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]”Sleepyitus”: A Strong Lab characteristic that can make them ready or inclined to sleep.

Warning: Contagious to humans.

LABmodel: Flag displaying symptoms.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Siblings: God’s way of creating a slightly (or very) different version of us. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]That Ball … That downed duck … That Bumper … You or their Siblings….

It goes without saying that Labs are always on the “Pursuit of Happiness” and LABmodel Mozart shows us just that in this week’s cover.[/quote]

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Labs knew long before humans that “Aromatherapy” was key for the purpose of altering a Labrador’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health.

In this week’s cover Tucker Brook Labrador Retrievers‘ Puppy shows us that the Sweet smell of Shoe soothes the soul and promotes healthy sleep. I prefer Lavender.[/quote]

Whether Labradors are Purebred or Lab Mix they both know "The Bond" exists between them that they are all 100% Lab at the core of their souls.

[quote author=”It’s a Lab Thing”]Whether Labradors are Purebred or Lab Mix they both know “The Bond” exists between them that they are all 100% Lab at the core of their souls.[/quote]


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  1. Edson Luiz calado

    Oi Amei cada postagem que voces, mostra no facebook pois tenho uma filha especial e a medica dela pediu para que eu criase uma cadela labrador a 9 anos eu tinha uma cadela e ela faleceu fiquei muito triste pois minha filha se indentificava muito com essa cadela agora estou tentamdo comseguir outra cadela pois aqui em nosso pais é muito raro as pessoas fazerem doação, temos que comprar isso se torna caro um abraço a todos voces