Best buddies sleeping this morning :)

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  1. Ann M

    when they sleep…they are truly the sweetest animals on earth. Like everything else they do, they are really INTO it…..

  2. Linda Nichols on Facebook

    my thoughts exactly, Kevan!! some people who dislike labs shouldn’t even be looking around on the website at all, I think!! (why was there a dislike button anyway??????????)

  3. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Linda Nichols this will definitely be the last time I use that voting software. I could not implement the Facebook “LIKE” feature for that particular gallery setup. The next contest will be run off of “likes” and “shares”.

  4. Linda Nichols on Facebook

    hmm, well, will look into this — big house, one computer, many users … I’m investigating (though I don’t blame them for sticking up for pup!!) 🙂