I stumbled upon this amazing site featuring the art work of dog lover Bryce Dishongh out of Austin Texas.  All of his portraits are in this beautiful vintage, storybook format which is a stunning way to capture and memorialize your dog and his unique personality.

The way it works is that you email Bryce a couple of photos of your dog and any personality details you want to include and then he translates that into a beautiful stately carbon and charcoal drawing on cream Stonehenge paper.  I love this idea!  Sign me up for two please!


[quoteicon author=”Bryce Dishongh”]Coat and Tails is a pet portrait outfit run by me, Bryce Dishongh (pronounced “dish-on”), from my studio in lovely Austin, Texas. I draw custom pet portraits live and dirty and in person, and I also draw finer-art portraits to be framed and hoisted upon the big stately walls of your home, forever commemorating your littler family members.[/quoteicon]


What do you think? Would you just Love to see your Labrador as a Dapper Dog?

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3 Responses

  1. Marilyn Buell

    I abolutely love this idea, how original! Great work!