Free Stitch is a really cool brand, that was featured on Dog Milk a few months back, that is  out of Japan and carries luxury leather dog collars, leads, and harnesses as well as other interesting dog wear. Think Banana Republic for dogs..

Its a Lab Thing Free Stitch 3 Shades of Dog Labrador 3

While Antonio and I are not too big on the whole dressing your dog in a full on ensemble, I do love the classic, almost masculine, style of their wear and would totally let Brody and Saban rock the leather collars!  The other thing I really love about this company is their use of stunning photography yet simple messaging.  Antonio and I are suckers for beautiful dog photography.  Their website is in Japanese but they have an online lookbook  that is enjoyable in any language!  Go check it out at here: FREE STITCH LOOKBOOK

Its a Lab Thing Free Stitch 3 Shades of Dog Labrador

Weimaraners sneeking on It's a Lab Thing

Weimaraners sneeking on It’s a Lab Thing

[box title=”Could you see your dog wearing any of these items? If so, leave me a comment of what you like and why! “][/box]

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6 Responses

  1. Nancy Goldberg Wilks

    Where can we buy the mug you had posted on Facebook? (It says “Everything Tastes Better With Lab Hair In It”) I’ve seen it with “Dog Hair”, but would like one with “Lab Hair”.

    Thank you!

  2. Linda Coyne

    I have a yellow Lab, Miss Lady Liberty. None of the collars above would work for her, they are much too masculine. I would like to get one of the mugs that say “everything tastes better with Lab hair in it” that I saw posted about a week or two ago. Thanks, and the dogs in the pictures above are just so beautiful and handsome. Love Labs.

  3. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Linda Brown We will be revealing that this week. Thanks. @Nancy that was just a picture someone submitted and I photoshopped the “DOG” out of it and put in “LAB” so I am not sure where you can find it, but I am sure you can have itmade. 🙂