Original Designs any LABfan would Love.

Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-002 Lab Cool returns bearing shear LabradAwesomeness with Labradors Worldwide. It’s a Lab Thing digs the Creative, Witty, Simple and To the Point Designs by the Creative Brain behind LW, Leslie and his Chocolate Labrador, Monty. His work is original, so do not be fooled by imitations. LoL.

Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-003 Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-004

Labradors Worldwide has everything from Awesome T-Shirts to Decals to compliment your Autos or anything really. You can just look at Labradors Worldwide’s work and you can immediately tell Les is a LABdad. He is a graphic artist by trade and a devoted Labrador Lover.

Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-005 Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-006 Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-007

So what could be even more LabradAwesome!? How about Labradors Worldwide and It’s a Lab Thing teaming up? Wouldn’t that be Lab Cool?

Its-a-Lab-LabCool-Labradors-Worldwide-008 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Lab-Cool-Labradors Worldwide

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Labradors Worldwide is giving It’s a Lab Thing LABfans a discount.
Use code is: ITSALABTHING at Checkout to receive 10% off on orders $15 and up.
It’s valid from the 19th and expires on the 26th[/box]

Giveaway Time!!

A Winner has been Notified!!

16 Responses

  1. Judy Flynn

    We have ALWAYS had labradors and love them so much! I would truly love a shirt to wear like this!!!! I would treasure it always!…like my sweet dogs!!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter
    your contest !!! I post as many lab pics each day as time allows!!!! Sincerely, Judy Douglas Flynn

  2. Allie Flynn

    I love my dog!!!! We have had many dogs and all labs!!!! I would love a shirt like this!!!Thank you
    for letting me enter the contest!

  3. Peggy Hendon

    I just think that a lab is one of the most kindest and loving dogs you can have. They are an owners pride and joy. So calm and so loving. They want to please you in any way they can.Very good around children..

  4. Maryanne McCue

    We love our black lab Maggie. I would wear the shirt proudly if I won! Thanks.

  5. Cheryl Fauteux

    We just love our lab. He brings many smiles to our home. Jax is the most loving dog I have ever had, he makes our family complete. Can’t image a day without him and wouldn’t want to.

  6. Kaye Slaughter

    Love my labs and love anything about labs! Keep up the great work!

  7. Louise Free

    I have had Labs all my life and am very excited to have a new golden female puppy comming into our home in 2 weeks. Her name is going to be Bella as Labradors are beautiful.

  8. Ginny White

    I would be so honered to win and where a lab t-shirt in honor of all my labs and labs world wide.

  9. Lee Ann Farrell

    “Sock Theives Unite!” says Hershey and Misty! Our Labbies are our furkids and spoiled rotten. We love them so much. We would love a t-shirt! Love your site!

  10. Brittany Farmer

    My lab is the love of our lives. We have a beautidul 4 year old black lab. My husband’s childhood lab died when he was deployed to afganistain, that’s when bayleigh came along to comfort him. We will always have labs. I love your website!

  11. nikasi

    I lost both of my beautiful girls in the past 4 years…I absolutely adored them and would love to get another black lab,but am unfortunately medically and physically unable to handle a big dog at this point in time. I wish there were miniature black labs-I would scoop one up in a heartbeat!!

  12. Paula Sangster

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt.. my black lab Rosie is my world!! She is my best friend! 🙂

  13. Tammy Fiers

    Love the shirt. Bella is our black lab. We absolutely love her with all our hearts.

  14. jane

    3 labs and counting next will be chocolate love the tshirts

  15. Kathy Palmer

    I would LOVE to have a LAB t-shirt. Our 2 labs, Cooper and Ella are simply amazing creatures (who think they are human). Can’t imagine life without them! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!