Meet Crystal Noel. Crystal along with her 3 other siblings were tossed aside and left to fend for themselves. They wandered into the yard of one of our Labrador Friends of the South Alumni and from then on out have been in good hands.

Crystal is my Foster Labrador Puppy. I absolutely love Fostering because I know that is one less Lab in a shelter, on the streets or in a bad situation.

Crystal and her siblings appear to be pure Labrador. She is medium size compared to her to bigger brothers. She is super sweet and loves to take naps in your lap. Crystal is a chow hound and is having a great time putting on the weight that they all lost while trying to survive.  Crystal has a great demeanor and enjoys play time with her foster brothers, Brody and Saban. She is smart and picks up on things very quickly, like knowing where the treats are.Crystal never wants to be to far from me and loves a warm lap as I work.She will give you a cavity with all the sweetness!

 If you would like some more information on Crystal please feel free to email me at or you can CLICK on Her Profile here.

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12 Responses

  1. lynn

    We have a golden Lab, he is a rescue and he is the Love of our lives, someone in Scotland spent a lot of time and energy on training him and then told the rescue centre he d been left tied up outside and he wasn t worth it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr He is gorgeous every one knows him and he is so good natured he is unreal xxx
    What annoys me is how people get these gorgeous dogs and discard them I d like 2 mins with them and they wouldn t do it again x

  2. Julia Piper on Facebook

    Oh she looks soooo sweet and very submissive in some of her body language with the older guys…But she looks happy and content….Good Luck Crystal and her siblings…:)

  3. Shirley Mills on Facebook

    People that just toss aside & abuse animals all i pray for there day will come to be punished for that.WHO on earth could be so cruel to something so beautiful & Presicous.

  4. Andrea Whitman Ray on Facebook

    I am so glad there are stories like this one to balance out all the sad and horrible ones I’ve been reading about lately. Crystal is adorable and I love seeing how kind her foster brothers are with her. It’s a Lab thing!

  5. Kathy

    I would take her in a minute to be my black lab’s little sister, but I live in Colorado.