We all brush our teeth twice daily (I hope)

So why are we surprised when we are told that our Labradors need to brush their teeth to maintain good dental health? With time, bacteria in our dog’s mouth become a biofilm we know as plaque, and will eventually form tartar. Once tartar has formed, only a professional dental cleaning can remove it.  There is no substitute for a professional dental cleaning for your Lab, however, brushing at least 4-5 times weekly can head one off.

It's a Lab Thing Brushing Labrador Teeth Zututh Toothbrush-21

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

How do you brush your Labrador’s teeth? First, get a good toothbrush. It’s a Lab Thing recommends Zututh Toothbrushes. The most important thing to know is that dogs can’t tolerate human toothpaste. A toothpaste formulated for animals is not always necessary since 98% percent of the job is done by the toothbrush itself, but it may serve as positive reinforcement since its usually flavored with chicken, peanut butter, or something equally as yummy.  Start slow and with time your dog will learn to enjoy the process. We know Lab’s love anything with food involved!

Happy Brushing!

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  1. Donna Capps

    I was just wondering if the green looking tooth brushes , really do work or not , they say that they are good for dential …