As a “professional Lab lover”,

I’m always looking for new ways to support Lab rescues, animal shelters and humane societies. Over the years, I’ve donated my time, web and design talents, various pet products that have been given to me, and more to groups nationwide.

While there are so many ways to give back to non-profits who need it most, sometimes it can be hard (and even intimidating) to find the best ways to support the causes you love.

With the holidays coming up, and the ‘season of giving’ on everyone’s mind, I had to share this new company, pawTree. I was just introduced to the concept, and it immediately inspired me share with you as a new tool to help raise donations for rescue groups.

Not everyone can donate their own money on an on-going basis, but with pawTree, you have the opportunity to share your passion for dogs with other dog lovers, earn extra income on your own schedule for yourself, or for the charity of your choice.


Here’s how…

pawTree is the first-ever social selling pet company. Think Tupperware parties, but with amazing pet nutrition and other pet products! There’s no other company of this type in the pet space at all, and I would imagine many of you already buy and sell other products in this way (I know I do!). Finally, you can do so with fellow Lab lovers and great dog products, and just think of the difference it could make for rescue groups if you decide to donate what you earn back to the cause of your choice!

pawTree is perhaps best known for their dog food, which is completely customized to your fur kid’s specific nutritional needs. No two Labradors or dogs are the same, and they shouldn’t be fed the same food either. With pawTree, you first complete a detailed profile about your pet that allows the pawTree nutrition team to customize a nutrition plan that is formulated based on your dog’s breed, weight, activity level, allergies and a host of other factors, addressing and optimizing a myriad of nutritional needs. The food is conveniently delivered right to your door, and even personalized with your dog’s name and photo on the bag. All of their food and supplements feature all natural ingredients of the highest quality, and that’s just the beginning.  

In addition to custom pet foods and supplements, pawTree offers an exclusive line of treats, health solutions, food bowls, stain and odor eliminators, collars, beds, toys, and more.

I’m excited that a company like pawTree is now available to Lab and dog lovers, and hope that this new opportunity to earn extra income is exciting to you as well. If you follow my It’s s Lab Thing, then you’re a passionate Lab lover. This is a great way for someone like you to share your passion for dogs with friends, while also earning extra money that can go to support the rescue groups and charities that matter most to you.

Learn more about becoming a petPro here.


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