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Extreme Paracord Gear Dog Collar

I have seen the Paracord bracelets and have a couple myself, but when LABfan Craig introduced me to his Extreme Paracord Gear Dog Collar… well I just had to see how Extreme they really were. So off to The LABoratory I went with Professors Brody and Saban. Craig, the owner and operator of Extreme Paracord Gear custom makes each and every collar. That’s right, custom. You can see right off the bat that these collars stand out. They are good looking, tough and when you get your hands on them you can feel the craftsmanship. Quality.

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Paracord Collars

Extreme Paracord Gear’s custom Dog Collars are made with Quality US 550 Paracord. That means they do not rot, mildew and are extremely durable   The Collars can be washed too after those extra dirty adventures. EPC says that their collars are made to last your dogs entire lifespan. We like that!

They have both durable plastic buckles and stainless steel. I dig their Stainless Steel Buckles. They add that extra touch of sophistication meets adventurer.

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So Many Paracord Colors

Brody and Saban look good in them too. Who cares if something is extreme and rugged. My boys have to still look good in them. They have to feel good and be comfortable for the Labs. I can say that they are all that. The great thing is that EPG has plenty of colors to choose from. You get to pick two, one color for the outside and one for the inside. Brody’s collar I went with the Acudigital and Charcoal Grey. Saban went a little Modern and picked Charcoal Grey and White. They both look great.

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We went to the lake, trails, dirt, water and they held up great. EPG stands by their products 100%, give a Lifetime Warranty and  will replace it if their happens to be a malfunction. The super cool thing is if you have to find yourself in a Bear Grylls type of moment and you have to actually use the EPG Dog Collar, just let Craig know that and they will replace it. After all that is what the paracord collars and bracelets are for.


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Extreme Paracord Gear is giving It’s a Lab Thing LABfans a free Paracord keychain with every order of the Extreme Paracord Dog Collar. Make sure you let him know that It’s a Lab Thing Sent you.[/box]

36 Responses

    • Summer soileau

      Can I have one made for my yellow lab in max-4 camo ?

  1. It's a Lab Thing

    They are pretty tough. Brody’s cousin Jaxs would grab a hold of it when they wrestled. never had any issues. Jax is a big ol bruiser.

  2. Donna Albertson

    They look amazing and will handle the abuse a lab will put it through

  3. Marion French

    Love to have this collar for my Chocolate Lab.

  4. Rebecca Keahey

    These look great! We need 8 for our 8 K9 kids. One of them is a black Lab, and two are Lab/Border Collies (Labrad-ollies). 🙂 I need a price chart and sizing info please? Thanks so much. Have a blessed weekend and beyond. 🙂

    • craig

      Hi Rebecca. If you go to our ebay store you will find many of our Extreme Paracord Dog Collars.You will find some with powder coated buckles and d-rings,metal buckles,and plastic buckles.We give specific instructions on measuring for your dogs neck size.We also have a color chart with over 30 colors and instructions on choosing colors.You also will qualify for your 8th dog collar to be free of charge.Purchase 5-10 and receive 1 free!! Thank you and we look forward to providing your dogs with the most safest ,stylish,and toughest dog collar made.

  5. Sue

    Would love to win one of these collars for one of my Labs. Then I will have to buy three for the rest of my Lab Boys!!

  6. Karen Tully

    These are fantastic collars have never seen anything in the UK like it. Would love to get them for my two Labs, do you ship to the UK.

  7. Gina

    Like the looks of the collars. Like my survivor bracelet. Think my Choc. Lab would love one and if small enough one for my Chihuahua. Lab loves her bling bling.

    • craig

      Hi Gina,all of our Dog collars are custom made to fit each individual dog. We can make any size.

  8. Karen

    Great that you ship to the UK, can you give me the name of the web site I need to purchase them from. Thank you.

  9. Alecia Long

    These are so awesome. I was just thinking about getting a new collar to replace the smelly one my dog has now!

  10. Karen

    Have tried as you told someone earlier but they said they didn’t ship to the UK.

    • craig

      Hi Karen ,i apologize for that.I just went and updated all my listings on You are now able to purchase our Extreme Paracord Gear World Wide!!

  11. tivadoc

    I really like your paracord collars, can you make one with a ring in the middle, like the Conway Safety Collar pictured below? The buckle it fine for me, but my working dogs all wear this type of collar outdoors. Thanks

  12. Deb Herr

    What a great and unique dog collar for the BIG dogs! Terrific idea.