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Featured Labrador Breeders receive the ultimate in exposure on ItsALabThing (ILT).   Through image galleries, national and specific category search features, coverage on our highly popular ILT blog and facebook pages, ILT gives Featured Labrador Rescues and Breeder many different opportunities for publicity at any given moment.

With a web page specifically dedicated to direct our loyal and passionate dog lovers to the best, most responsible Lab Breeders out there.  Unlike other Labrador Breeder directories who allow anyone to be included, our Lab  Breeders will have to meet certain requirements to be listed with us.  We are not simply a directory but rather a guide and trusting resource to promote those rescues and breeders who are heads and shoulders above the rest.

We offer visibility through all of the latest social media outlets beyond just facebook and Twitter, but also through Pinterest, Instagram, Social bookmarking pages and many others.    Let us stay abreast of the latest forms of lead generation so that you are left to do what you do best which is to give deserving families  the most precious gift, a Labrador Retriever.

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