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Labrador Fresh

Cloud Star is quickly becoming a favorite thing in It’s a Lab Thing’s house. We have enjoyed their Functional Treats, but now we have been turned on to Cloud Star’s Buddy Splash Spritzer & Conditioners. We primarily use them for in between baths but they can be used as a conditioner after bath too. They do wonders for freshening up Brody and Saban and because it comes from Cloud Star, the formula is All Natural and Made in the USA. We have been using the spritzers and I can honestly say that they smell great and the Lab’s coats have gotten softer. Super convenient too when you have company on there way over and you need to freshen up your Labrador.

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Natural Goodness

There are three (3) Buddy Splash Fresh Flavors to choose from: Lavender & Mint, Green Tea & Bergamot and Rosemary & Mint. All formulas contain water, natural conditioners, aloe vera juice, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizer) vitamin C & B5 and depending the the spritz, essences of Mint, Lavender and Rosemary. Brody & Saban’s LABmom is extremely particular when it comes to smells and what she will spray on the boys, so when she even approves everything is always better. She Loves the Buddy Sprays particularly the Green Tea & Bergamot Spritz. I tend to lean towards the Lavender myself. Plus, they are so light and fresh, not Sticky.

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So don’t fret about getting them to the groomers or into the tub unless they really need it, it is better for your Lab anyways. Just Freshen & Soften your Labby up with a Buddy Splash. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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What do you do to keep your Labradors Fresh??

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3 Responses

  1. Denise

    Great idea. Instead of bathing that can cause a lot of problems. Sam the Future Guide Dog puppy came with washing instructions. They are: Don’t wash unless he is very soiled. This sounds like what we need for little paws that tromp through the pee-pee they just did! Thanks!

  2. suzanne andrews

    This sounds like a great product to try….nice to know that it is not sticky and icky……