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Labrador Saved from Overheating in Car

As Xochitl Dalton pulled into the parking lot of the Wet’n’Wild Splash Town water park, a disturbing sight caught her eye.

“I looked over and saw that there was a huge yellow Lab,” she told KPRC-TV in Houston, noting the dog inside an SUV with Wisconsin plates parked next to her vehicle. ”It looked like it was really, really hot.”

“I immediately dropped everything, got in my car and drove from Magnolia up here, ready to bust the windshield out,” said Melissa Camp, who saw the post on Facebook.

Two other women proudly showed the bricks and hammers they planned to use to smash the vehicle’s windows.

All the attention prompted a park employee to squeeze his hand through a small opening in the window, unlock the door and save the panting Labrador.

Owner Arrested! Win!

When the park closed Friday evening, KPRC reported that authorities found the dog’s owner and arrested him. He wasn’t identified but deputies indicated he’d be booked into jail on animal cruelty charges. What a Loser!!